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MANU EL: Recognizing The Truth As Practical Knowledge

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Dawone-Manu: El uses a revolutionary-tool that he calls the Dark-Matter-Synthesis, coined as the Human Design System, to see an individuals unique genetic-make-up. This System/Science is about diversity finding harmony through Synthesis. The field for this Synthesis is the Mandala and Body-Graph. This chart incorportates the I-Ching, the Book of Changes from China; the Chakra energy system and Lunar Astrology from India; Arabian Stellar Astrology; the Kaballah; Western Astrology; Physics; Astronomy; Biology; and Chemistry. This is a culmination of 16,000 years of knowledge, experience and wisdom synthesized into one system for analysis of the movement of the Forces and how they effect all Matter and specifically how they effect our Form and Mind. It is the science of differentiating the designs of Life-Forms for the "SEEing" and honoring of one's uniqueness. Ultimately with the goal and potential of one TRULY LOVING THEMSELVES.
Self-Hatred is an epidemic across this Planet. Folks hate themselves because they don't know of their divine-uniqueness and their position within the Totality. This is a tool that can help folks transmute the greatest enemy of all: One's own Self-Hatred into One's own Self-Love with an enormous amount of respect for the other forms of Life. The premise of this knowledge-base is that eveyones True Source of Authority lives within each individual and can be sensed through the Bio-Logical-functions of our Body, in other words; to know where Spirit is speaking to you from within and how to re-cognize it, re-charge it and grow with it.

Name: Manu El
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