Music for Life with Elijah

Music for Life with Elijah

Elijah Jamal

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This program is dedicated to a love for music about love, life and the music that expresses it all. It will feature behind the scenes interviews and more CALL IN NUMBER TO TALK OR LISTEN LIVE (347) 426-3621. Website -m

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Since the previous show, Elijah has been contacted by potential resources to further his music career. Listen to some of the strategies that are on the table. Will Elijah be relocating in order to get the support that he needs? Find out the plans... more

Since diving into his music career, Elijah has been bombarded with information from sources claiming to have the ability to expand his career. In the next series of online radio broadcasts, Elijah's team will explore some of these sources... more

Elijah and Asia talk more about thew results of his independent album release, Music is My Wife. They discuss opportunities for today's Indie musicians, marketing, monetization and how artists define success. Corey Kubber provides... more

Elijah and Asia are joined by Sheila and Shelson Sloan along with co-host Asia Walker and Corey Kubber.

Elijah talks about his Album release party, His show in Greensboro, NC and the challeges that follow putting out a CD on your own.

It was a great experience for everyone involved. Elijah talks about his New Album Release showcase and upcoming Conquer Entertainmant performance in North Carolina. Elijah and Asia talk about new updates in music. Corey K gives the... more

Elijah has been the support, guest star and background singer for most of his music career. But the upcoming new music release showcase is focused on him. He will talk about lessons being learning, the good, bad and the scary. He... more

Elijah and Asia will be talking about all of the background preparation going into making this showcase really special. The will also share some of the challenges and frustrations in dealing with personalities, and the PRESSURE. Coery K will... more

The pressure's on and the line up has been selected. But wait, there's more...

Are todays's DJs becoming tomorrow's producers? From mix-tapes to flat out collaboration prject, DJs are making a major impact in the music industry. But not all DJs get the opportunity to become game changers. Elijah welcomes... more
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