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Jack Kovac's debut EP, "The State Line" is an expansive and introspective look into the mind of a growing, prolific songwriter. On each track, he inhabits the in-between spaces that separate musical expression from private rumination, giving artistic vision to every word and riff throughout. A Los Angeles transplant, Jack left the City of Broad Shoulders for the City of Angeles to study guitar performance at the University of Southern California. It was in the midst of musical learning and discovery that his world was opened up to the art of songwriting, He brings stories to life in music with an experimental edge that makes beautiful use of arrangement and dynamics, effortlessly pulling inspiration from the singer/songwriters of the 1970's and today. And he joins us this Friday with some of the new songs from his album, due for release Oct. 27, 2014. Sa'ra Charismata is a musical muse born to Eritrean parents, raised in Stockholm, Sweden and most recently residing in New York City. This tri-national millennial writes and co-produces songs of the yearning for freedom around the world. In her process, she seems driven by forces beyond herself and the music puts you under the spell of those forces, which is why she was Nominated "Rookie Artist of the Year" at the 2014 Denniz Pop Awards. Sa'ra possesses that uncanny knack for drawing in a listener with triumphantly beautiful melodies and trippy beats while cleverly addressing the critical questions of her generation. We preview cuts from her debut album due out this fall and hear her inspiring story this Friday.
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We Are the West band is three people who somehow manage to sound like an entire orchestra. They play rock and alt rock, or maybe country,or maybe new age but whatever they play, it is absolutely wonderful. And they play it in... more

Jasiri X's Hip-Hop is incisive social commentary and his videos have been featured on diverse sites such as, The Huffington Post and BET Rap City, among others. Jasiri X's hit song ?Free The Jena 6? was played on... more

Rooftop Revolutionaries are a modern hard rock band from Los Angeles fronted by opera-trained rocker Eleanor Goldfield. They have stood out in the Southern California underground rock scene by expressing political and social views in... more

Eighteen year-old Lena Fayre started her journey in Hollywood working with Golden Globe winning producer Jimmy Harry and emerging producer Sean Gould to create a set of deliciously melodic and energizing songs. She then... more

Singer/songwriter, Rett Smith, was born in West Texas and raised in the mountains of New Mexico. His early influences range from classic rock and country, including outlaw staples such as Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.... more

Salme is an electro pop dance music artist, also known as the licensing queen because of her ability to license all of her songs for media use. She is a one-woman dynamo on the razor's edge of mass appeal with radio ready songs... more

Juliette Ashby is a British singer-songwriter with potent synthesis of R&B, reggae and neo-soul.She wrote her first song when she was 7 years old, in the car while on holiday in Greece. She met her best friend Amy Winehouse at... more

Dree Paterson has been a singer/songwriter virtually since birth, with influences from powerhouse women like Sara Bareilles to Amy Winehouse and pop rockers like Bruno Mars. On her new EP, A Louder Side of Me to be released in two... more
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