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  • Da B Side

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    Classic R&B

  • Enter the Paradox w Brian Bolen: Friday Night Dance Party!

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    The Friday Night Dance Party kicks off with the rockin' band Enter the Paradox with frontman Brian Bolen! Brian's our VIP Specail Friday Night Dance Party Guest Star for Hour 1 tonight!
    Hour 2:  Your requests! Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question or to make a song request! Visit ETP's official website here! Enter The Paradox is a melting of styles and sounds forming a new and exciting experience evolving since frontman Brian Bolen first started cutting tracks in Los Angeles, CA during the summer of 2012. A mix of cutting edge rock, psychedelic, pop punk and hardcore styles, fused together with a classical influence, bring their sound together in ways never before experienced.  The screams and staccato like vocals, powerful harmonies and apathetic choruses also help drive the emotion that Enter The Paradox so skillfully embraces.  Driving guitar leads, brought to life by Bolen, push the sound of Enter The Paradox to the limit.  Bolen’s unique sound and technical mastery of the guitar brings a forceful and captivating tone to the band, as well as his lyrics which brings a story of love, trust, betrayal, revenge, and mayhem to life.  The vocals of frontman Brian Bolen tie the band together with a unique sound that conveys all of the style, emotion, pain and power that is Enter The Paradox.  Bolen teamed up with Reid Cunningham, in the summer of 2012, and Ben Garland 2014 to complete Enter The Paradox.  With Garland's hardcore-influenced rhythm and vocals, as well as Cunningham’s precise execution of metal and jazz technique on drums; they complete this power house of rock headed straight to the 4th dimension!

  • French on Friday: Careless Whisper - Friday Night Dance Party!

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    Everyone remembers the timeless classic Careless Whisper by Wham! featuring George Michael.  In tonight's Friday Night Dance Party we're going to hear the Austrian group French on Friday's version and find out how they came to get such worldwide attention for this adaption! In Hour 2 - it's your requests! Call 323 657-1493 to ask questions from French on Friday or make a request for hour 2! Visit French On Friday's website by clicking here! Like French on Friday on Facebook by clicking here!
    French on Friday are a group of musicians with different backgrounds, united by their love of quality pop music. Looking back on and up to the great piano-playing songwriters of the past decades, Elisabeth Kaplan (lyrics) and Nikolaus Newerkla (music) strive to create songs with strong melodies and staying power, songs that capture the imagination, songs that are somehow familiar yet surprising. And Angelika Huemer (viol, recorders), Philipp Comploi (basse de violon) and Jakob Sigl (drums) round off the unmistakeable, almost orchestral sound of French On Friday.

  • Mikey Wax - Live! Friday Night Dance Party!

    in Indie Music

    Coming off of a HOT HOT HOT nation wide tour, singer Mikey Wax joins Rated G Radio in Hour 1 to talk about his new music and what he's been up to.  You'll also get to hear his music! Visit Mikey's website by clicking here! In Hour 2 - it's your requests!   Call 323 657-1493 to ask Mikey a question or make a request for hour 2!

  • An Intimate Evening with Gino Vannelli

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    Born in Montreal, Quebec, Gino Vannelli is one of three sons. As a child, Gino's greatest passion was music, and he began playing percussion at an early age. By the age of 15, Gino began writing songs. Just out of high school, he signed his first recording contract with RCA and went on to study music at McGill University.
    This quote summarizes the man in a nutshell; One Thursday afternoon at Place Des Arts, I remember hearing the Montreal Symphony playing “Daphne and Chloe” by Maurice Ravel. I walked away shaking my head, muttering to myself, ‘What was that!? I was so deeply moved—bewildered by the sounds I had just heard. It was the moment I discovered to what heights music could draw a man’s soul.”
    Gino Vannelli stirs the soul with his voice, his music, and most importantly, his life philosophy and his sincere and gentle demeanour.
    Join us this evening as we learn more about the man behind the music, share valuable life lessons, and of course, enjoy great musical performances. This episode will be available On Demand for you to listen to at your leisure if you are unable to join us live.
    Click Here to listen to 'Living Inside Myself' and Click Here to listen to 'Canto'.

  • "The Perversion of GOSPEL MUSIC!"

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    The tradition of gospel music has been tarnished.
    The modern equivalent of the ancient path has beem bastardized with commercialism, lewdness and blatant homosexuality among church leaders, music ministers and the paying public.
    These wolves ain't trying to hide no more!
    There are just as many scandals and "drama" associated with gospel than R&B and Hip-Hop!
    Reality TV Shows, Preachers of LA, Detroit, etc. Mary, Mary and othe have polluted the sanctuary.
    This morning on P2T we are going to perform surgery on the Body of Christ!

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