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    HipHop2day on Cruz Inc Radio

    in Hip Hop Music

    HipHop2day will be a weekly feature on Cruz Inc Radio.
    Cruz, HipHopVA's Black Reed and KD Speede will feature and interview various unsigned HipHop artist. Tune in you never know when a celebrity artist will stop by!

  • 02:00

    Saturday Nite Interviews

    in Indie Music

    On today's show we will be interviewing Vee Money and Solo Insane. Both artists are extremely talented and represent their areas very well. They are constantly improving their craft and steady making a name for themselves in the industry. Call in and speak with them 917-889-8041 and press 1. You can go check out their pages on social media. Be sure to tune in for a great episode. You can follow us on fb http://www.facebook.com/bankedouttradioshow Thank you for all the love and support. Big ups to everyone who has liked the page thus far. We have officially hit 100 likes on fb!! 

  • 02:25

    Cover Songs ENCORE SHOW

    in Music

    If you missed this show you can here it again tonight!!!! 
    Being that we are iCandi are avid music lovers, we love getting a chance to showcase some great music to you all. A lot of great timeless songs have been plucks, snipped, sampled and COVERED. Some turned out great and others not so much. Tonight on iCAD we are gonna highlight some of the best & worst made cover songs. We will also cover #HotTopics such as Women's underwear, Kat Williams, Are men afraid to be a lone, Phone Sex, and much more. Tune in tonight. Show starts at 10 pm EST

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    in Music

    Teeny Tucker is the daughter of singer Tommy Tucker. She began singing in church. Her professional career began in November 1996, with German Blues manager who promoted European tours for her father. She performed major Blues Festivals in the US, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy, and was featured in the July/August 2004 King Biscuit Time Magazine. She wrote lyrics for eight songs on her second CD First Class Woman. She is a top-10 finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and finalist in the International Blues Challenge held in Memphis, TN. In 2008, Tucker appeared at Monterey Blues Festival, Pocono's Blues Festival, Ozarks Blues Festival, Nothin’ But The Blues Festival, and Buddy Guy’s Legends. Nominated for the “2008 Best Female Blues Artist” of the year by BluesBlast. Teeny’s CD Two Big M’s nominated for best self-produced CD by the Blues Foundation of Memphis.
    Teeny Tucker
    Linda Rodney performs under the name of Chocolate Thunder. She sings blues, rock and R&B. From Greenville, SC, Linda wowed church parishioners with her powerful and mature vocal capabilities. She acted for JTA Talent in Charlotte, NC, and modeled for eight years with the Millie Lewis Agency in Greenville, SC. But her first love is music, particularly the blues. She trained with opera singer Sarah Reece, hit the club, festival and event markets in South Carolina, California, and in Paris, France. Linda performed with Main Street Blues Band, Palmetto Blues Boys and Blues Beat Band. Her band is Chocolate Thunder. In 2007, Linda recorded her own tunes. Her new CD, "Barkin' Up the Wrong Tree" released June 2009. Linda Rodney

  • 00:46

    Indie Talk Live with TheVerce

    in Indie Music

    TheVerce, short for Verce-a-tile, began his recording career in Atlanta, GA. TheVerce started by following the southern trend of distinctive hip-hop, and has since stepped out to write and perform truly versatile songs from productions that illuminate electronic hip-hop; from the studio to the stage. TheVerce’s stage show is awe inspiring as he exposes his soul by mixing his sound with classic vibrant onstage colors and laser sharp lights, creating his unique electronic hip hop performance.
    website: www.theverce.com
    https://twitter.com/theverce   Follow @theverce
    https://www.instagram.com/theverce/  Follow @theverce

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    in Music

    On this show , I will promote all local talent in the area. I will air thier music and interview them when they call in during the show. If you would like to blog with us during the show, you ahve to log in first before coming to the show, then you can chat with us. If you woulod like to be on my show or know anyone that would like to be on the show, please contact me at (845) 820-4827 , or email me at carlrichardsband@hotmail.com .. Also check out my bands website @ www.carlrichardsband.com 

  • 01:15

    Bluegrass The Only True American Music ?

    in Music

    Ralph Stanley, bluegrass legend, passed on this week at the age of 89.
    This week as a tribute to Ralph we will talk about Bluegrass, what is it, what has been it's impact.
    Bluegrass music is a form of American roots music, and a related genre of country music. Influenced by the music of Appalachia, Bluegrass has mixed roots in Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English traditional music, and was also later influenced by the music of African-Americans through incorporation of jazz elements.
    Unlike mainstream country music, bluegrass is traditionally played on acoustic stringed instruments. The fiddle, five-string banjo, guitar, mandolin, and upright bass (string bass) are often joined by the resonator guitar (also referred to as a Dobro) and (occasionally) harmonica or jaw harp. This instrumentation originated in rural dance bands and is the basis on which the earliest bluegrass bands were formed

  • 02:10

    Pulse of Northern Neck Radio Show-Julius Ames, Brotha Minista-Idiomz

    in Indie Music

    You do not want to miss this Episode we have a World Premiere by my brother Julius Ames at the 9 o'clock hour 
    Then we have Brotha Minista and Idiomz in the studio to talk about the Extreme Mission Tour they will be a part of this summer told you, you don't want to miss this Episode

  • 00:41

    Ridin Durty w/ Vic XL feat Soul Winna1 @soulwinna1

    in Music

    Show:Ridin Durty Radio
    Host:Vic XL
    Description: Atlanta late night radio veteren host brings his ridin durty radio show to blogtalk radio where he will bring you the best in whats next now...by interviewing todays movers and shakers.the show promises to do 1 of the 4 e's..educate,enlighten,empower or entertain...so tell a friend and strap in and prepare to ride durty
    Guest Soul Winna 1
    Robert Hillman aka Soulwinna1 was born originally in Georgia with a birth-defect called "radial club hands." To the doctors and world he was labeled handicapped and told he would never use his arms in life. However his parents knowing God created Robert for greatness. Now Soulwinna1 is ready to give hope around the world where hope was once lost by sharing the Gospel and encouraging listeners. Soulwinna1 has opened up in concert for artists such as Hawk Nelson, Manifest, CrossMovement, Lecrae, and many others over the years. His musical style is similar to JCole and Nas using lyrics to paint pictures to listeners. He's done tours and an international tour without even being signed to a major label. Gearing up to release his first official album end of summer titled "No Perfect People Allowed".

  • 03:12

    Another great night with 4 tremendous drummers!

    in Music

    It is gonna be a great night of drum talk radio, with these 4 drummers, Johnny Rabb, Joe Bergamini, Mark Feldman, Jarah Jane

  • 01:16

    Rundgren Radio Evening With Interviews

    in Music

    Rundgren Radio Evening With Interviews.  Hosted by Cruisermel and Thom Jennings.  Pre-recorded interviews Tom completed recently with John Ferenzik, Jesse Gress, & Prairie Prince.  Also, a very recent (June 3) 10 minute interview Thom completed with Todd Rundgren that includes a discussion of his upcoming album!  Announcements *might* include info on a possible Rundgren Radio Year 9 BDAY BASH 7 over Labor Day weekend.

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