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Mush Free is the strainer and de-pulper of excess mush that is dealt with in relationships and human interactions, whether it be with oneself, with some else, or with the world. Mush Free is the latex glove that will get down and dirty with the mush that no one wants deal with. Mush Free is that person you meet that you tell everything to, because you know they will listen and be BRUTALLY HONEST with you!

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Tonight on the MUSH we have a guest giving us REAL INSIGHT into the bar scene. He lives it and will tell us about TONIGHT! All that goes on at BARS...SEX, SEX TALK, and REALNESS!!

SEX, THANKS, FOOD, FAMILY AND SLEEP! not necessarily in that order but you get it!

Tonight we close out the orientation series! Oh no! But that doesn't mean we are vanishing, NO NO NO. Join Mr. Sebastian, Mr. Gomez, and Ms. PT as they rock the boat and RECAP the topics of FEAR, PICK UP LINES, KISSING, LOVE, &... more

SEX, Dessert, SEX, Dessert, SEX, Dessert, SEX, Dessert, SEX, Dessert, SEX, Dessert, SEX, Dessert, SEX!

LIVE FROM HALLOWEEN BASH 2010! GOMEZ & SEBASTIAN will be interviewing Halloweenies LIVE from two DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. Find out what the people think about Sbeastian's VERY VERY VERY... more

Tonight we will be mushing it about "Inappropriate Attire" in honor of Sexy Halloween.

Get ready for tonight's show, as we continue with Mushfree Orientation: The Breakout Session. Tonight The show will focus on a Pow Wow between Sebastian and Gomez on scenarios they faced in their lives this past week. Amen! Word!

The orientation continues...

BAM! BOOM! BLOP! Holly hole in a donut Batman... Mush Free orientation is the first live episode of mushless content.