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Your mouth is very powerful, you can speak words that can build a person up, or you can speak words that can break a person down!

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Anyone who may try to change the United States banking system should think twice, it is believed that Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy were assassinated becuase they tried to free the United State's banking system from the control of... more

Very few people understand how the modern banking system really works. They have in their heads a model they learned from text books in which banks take deposits from customers, then lend out those deposits as loans. In reality, banks... more

The FBI and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Inspector General (HUD-OIG) urge consumers, especially senior citizens, to be vigilant when seeking reverse mortgage products. Reverse mortgages,... more

Black Families Seven Times More Likely To Be Homeless Than Whites! More people are living doubled up with family and friends than a few years ago. The foreclosure crisis also hit minorities particularly hard. Lenders have been... more

Were you suckered into enrolling in an online college for the simple fact of the amount of income you could receive if you obtain a degree in a particular study? Were you so excited about attending college you just flipped through all of the... more

Do you really own your home? Did you take the time to read all of the documents to your mortgage before you signed them? Did you just quickly signed your name in the highlighted areas? If you answered YES to any of these... more

Why do you have to wait in line for over 20 minute when they are 10 more checkout lines that could be opened?

Why do a large number African American based churches fail? Why is it so hard to maintian and grow a ministry in the Black communuity?

No job! No car! No home, and 3 or 4 kids to feed! Why is it taking so long for African American boys to become MEN?

The Stand Your Ground law was created by RACIST REPUBLICANS, this law was created to give other racist people a clear alibi to shoot and murder African Americans! Only African Americans can really understand since we are the... more
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