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Baldwin/McCullough Xtreme Radio is the joint radio effort of long time talk radio veteran Kevin McCullough (Dallas, Chicago, New York) and 20 year Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin. Both Baldwin and McCullough are best selling authors...

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Doritos is mocking people of faith and the sacrament of communion in a television commercial. People who complain about it are being told to simmer down. Also, a Baldwin brother steps forward to say he is serious about wanting... more

The U.S. Navy is now investigating what have been reportedly lewd, homophobic, and sexually harassing videos, now the Captain Owen Honors may lose his commission. A concerned citizen wrote me asking if this is a real peek into the... more

1. THE HEADLINE ITEM: When is it justifiable to let someone off the consequences of their actions, pending the amount of abuse someone endures. In California a 16 year old girl, entrapped and then murdered her employer, sixteen... more

President Barack Obama signed the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” into law, but not until he made some strikingly dishonest observations. We’ll analyze. Also does this affect his position on the issue of redefining marriage to make it... more

Eric Holder now claims the greatest threat to America is homegrown terrorists. And since his Justice department earlier agreed with a National Security assessment that claimed pro-lifers, veterans, and church goers were all major... more

President Obama has people going through your trash. You like? Will this change how you live? Disagree with me here: 877.572.8446.Nina Totenberg, one of the National Public Radio voices that has said some pretty demeaning and crazy... more

1. THE HEADLINE ITEM: We will hear from Senators John McCain, Dick Durbin, John Kyle, Joe Lieberman, and Susan Collins, on the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. New surveys claim that those who serve in the military and also choose to... more

1. THE HEADLINE ITEM: The NEWSVictory in the Senate, as Harry Reid pulls the increasingly difficult to swallow 1924page omnibus bill. Also the President finally makes a move I am in agreement with President Obama on. at the new... more

ON BALDWIN/McCULLOUGH RADIO: 1. In what HAS to be one of the oddest events ever to occur in the White House briefing room, President Obama brings former President Clinton in to do a joint press conference, then promptly scats,... more

ON THE KEVIN McCULLOUGH SHOW: 1. THE HEADLINE ITEM: The NEWS Hour this morning has an enormous number of things to get to. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will remain in place for the time being. A town in Southern California... more
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