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The leaders of several nations spent Sunday attempting to convince Hosni Mobarak to step down from his post as Egypt’s President and to begin democratic reforms as soon as possible. From your perspective do you think what we are seeing is an attempt at genuine democratic freedom, or the attempt by terrorists of the region to dismantle and ally of the U.S.? Much is riding on the outcome of several nations’ protests taking place in the Middle East right now. Many of them centering on the idea of democratic reforms. The question is, will terror groups assume the void left in these situations, or will the people of the region have the final say? Disagree with me here: 877.572.8446. 2. THE PRACTICAL DILEMMA: A new Ohio State University study makes some interesting claims after carefully following 112 families with children aged 4: “Results showed that couples had a stronger, more supportive co-parenting relationship when the father spent more time playing with their child,” the press release says. “But when the father participated more in caregiving — like preparing meals for the child or giving baths — the couples were more likely to display less supportive and more undermining co-parenting behavior toward each other.” Now Parentdish.com was skeptical and mocking in their tone. My own producer was driven to profanity over her dispute of the assumptions. And the Lovely Bride–a lady who is told by no one what her opinion is to be–was in more or less complete agreement with the study. The question is, “What do YOU think of it?” 877.572 8446.