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ON BALDWIN/McCULLOUGH RADIO: 1. Stephen Baldwin has not been given a chance to weigh in on the idea of President Obama’s $200 million dollar a day trip to India, 600 hundred police agents, supported by 9 aircraft, and now a tele-prompter. Perhaps you haven’t either. Good timing? Or just a way to get his worries off being handed the worst mid-term loss in elections in the modern era? Which do you think? And don’t forget Michelle makes an exciting trip to the commercial sex workers area on Monday! Thoughts: 800.345.9622. 2. Are illegally downloaded songs worth $62,500 each? A jury in Minnesota seemed to think so. Now a mom gets hit for a bill for $1.5 million dollars for songs downloaded on her computer that she didn’t even download. Record companies are trying hard to hang on, but this smacks of absolute desperation. Fining her $200 a song would have probably had more sting. These kinds of numbers don’t put the fear of actual consequences into anyone. Chapter Eleven baby! Thoughts: 800.345.9622. 3. Also… evidently we tax-payers deserved to pony up $700,000 so some researcher could go off and compare if organically fed cow belches are less methaney than non-organically fed ones.