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Muriel Stockdale



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Conversations about the Divine Feminine: Guidance for ascension and balance in life.

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Change; whether it's changing jobs or career, moving, ending relationships, letting the kids move on in life or dear ones move on in transition from form; change affects our lives deeply. We are beings of changing qualities and... more

In his new comedy one-man show, 'Saturday Night Live' writer Colin Quinn has brilliantly and eloquently summarized a history of mankind entitled "Long Story Short". With an easy self-depracating comic style (in this Humanity is the self... more

In Western culture black is black and white is white, male - male and female - female or so it should all be according to the extreme dualistic construct that we hold for reality in our culture. Thousands of years ago Eastern culture... more

The skill of feeling is profoundly underrated today, in fact often those who feel are chided and admonished to toughen up. But what is this essential element to our human make up? Our feelings are a core part of our interactive toolbox, we are... more

We are divine beings with resources beyond any challenge so what happens when we get knocked off our center and how do we regain or hold composure? Many predictions foretell challenges to our current way of life such as... more

Viki King (writer and consultant to the entertainment industry) and Muriel Stockdale (artist, teacher and media maker) continue their inspired and inspiring conversations about feminine power by illuminating the sensitive subject of... more

What is it that drives us to want to excel in life, to reach for the stars, "to dream the impossible dream"? It is our basic and foundational nature to want to taste our own greatness and to express it. How do we do that? To reach Viki King please... more

Muriel Stockdale, artist and media maker, and Viki King, best selling author and consultant, meet for another uplifting conversation. Today we explore that sacred profound space of the void. Sometimes we need to nourish ourselves from that... more

Manifestation has taken a new turn for the better, avail yourself of your new power. Viki King and Muriel Stockdale discuss shifting paradigms for creation and focus on the potency of the feminine matrix. It is no longer necessary to force... more

Today Viki King and Muriel Stockdale will talk about living in the beat your heart and the power of no thought. Often this state is referred to as the The Zone in sports. What is this state that so many seek to experience, often in very... more