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Discussion of new original graphic novel by DC Comics

The staff of will discuss Smallville's episode 10x07 AMBUSH.

Enter the Superverses CLOIS Holiday Video Contest!

  • by Multipleverses
The 2nd Superverses Holiday Video Contest ! Open to all forum members and their friends. Forum address: *^Winners videos will be featured on the Superverses video website... more

The staff of Superverses/OSCK will discuss all of the different ways that Lois & Clark came together as a couple in entertainment. Will analyze how they came together in film, comics, and television.

Superverses/ OSCK staff discuss the episode Harvest which featured Lois and Clark having a most unpleasant adventure in the country and Tess finding out more about her young charge Alexander. Discussion of how the big "secret" and... more

Superverses/ OSCK will discuss and review the most recent episode of Smallville "ISIS". SPOILERS alert!

The staff of Superverses/ OSCK will talk about SUPERMAN MEDIA REFERENCES IN the Smallville 200th episode HOMECOMING. We'll be noting all the references to Superman stories in comics, movies, television, and... more

Join the Superverses/ OSCK team discuss the epic, game changing 200th episode of Smallville "Homecoming". We will discuss all of the characters who made an appearance- from the iconic Lois and Clark romance to flashbacks to... more

Smallville's 200th Episode - Ratings Winner!

  • by Multipleverses
Smallville's 200th episode aired last night on the CW to record numbers for the season and won its demographic. Join the staff of Superverses as we discuss the very super moments of the episode and this final season to date in our radio... more

Superverses/ OSCK staffers will discuss this week's episode of Smallville SUPERGIRL. Laura Vandervoort returns this week with big news for Clark and stirs the pot as forces join to try to show our heroes as villains.
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