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An intimate look into my life, thoughts and steamy topics. You never know what may come out of my mouth.

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There are many people that get busted every day for cheating. The ones that get caught, try and use technicalities to get out of getting busted. This prompts me to raise the question: What actually constitutes as cheating? For those who... more

Can you have a meaningful relationship that was based on sex first? Do you feel that if you've had sex before finding out more about the person, then it is doomed and you shouldn't try to build a possible relationship? Is it really because you... more

Well... a lot has happened to me over the past couple of months, and I'm just taking the time to reflect. I'm going to be airing out some of my "dirty laundry" so to speak. I will be speaking candidly about my recent situations, and will be... more

Well, well, well.... How young is too young? Are there age limits on your potential mates? Do you feel that if they are younger, then it won't work? Come listen to my recent experiences and share some of your own... See ya soon.

Nothing is easy. Especially marriage from what I am told. I am also told that the first year is always the hardest. What does it take to make a marriage work? How do you handle it when sometimes it gets to be too much? Listen in as I grill... more

It is already hard enough being black in America, but through gay in the mix and it makes life even more difficult. Homophobia is steadily increasing, even with the progress that us gays are making with the new states making same-sex... more

As you all may or may not know, I've been seeing a therapist for the past couple of months. Most people have a fear of seeing one or even admitting that they need to see one because they don't want to be labeled "Crazy", especially us... more

I'm baaaaaaaaack! I know it's been a while but I'm back and fusing three topics into one show. Do you really want to know if your significant other is cheating? Also, if there is something that you want to tell someone or something... more

Could you see yourself in a relationship with someone who is of a different religious background? What would be some of the pros? Cons? Do you think that if you love someone then it shouldn't matter the religious background? Sit... more

You're married, and you're tired. You don't know what to do, but you do know that you're ready to end this marriage. You just don't know how. What do you do? Join me for another segment of behind closed doors.