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Mastering The Man In The Mirror

Mastering The Man In The Mirror


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This show is a forum for men and women who have a sincere desire to master life's situations, challenges and roadblocks from the inside out.

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So as we close out another Black History Month we want to ask you the family an important question.

Is this the answer to all of our relationship woes? What exactly is polyamory? How is it different from polygamy? Where did it come from? Can men and women do it? How is this different from simply getting some on the side or is it even... more

Women, have you ever been in a relationship and cheated on your partner? Why did you do it? Is Monogomy something you agree with or not? Do you find it difficult to be with just one person? Men, have you been in a relationship with a... more

This has got to be one of the most asked, discussed, pondered, considered, argued about and disagreed on questions ever as it relates to relationships. Well, family it's time for us to take our shot at it here on Mastering The Man... more

Family, the time for judgement ends NOW.

There is a story told of a salesman who while prospecting went to the home of a man who was sitting on his porch with his dog. Every few minutes the dog would let out a howlingmoan which led the rep to think that the dog was in... more

During the late 1950's there was a popular show called To Tell The Truth. On the show the contestants would have to try and guess which of the panelist was a particular person based on questions they would pose to them. At the end of the... more

Family, as we embark on a new calendar year, the normal process is for us to make different resolutions of things we will do this year. Maybe when we think of last year we feel that we missed the mark in areas that were important to us.... more

Family on last weeks show we began the discussion about Insecurity in Relationships and it was a fantastic discussion. We discovered that when we refer to ourselves as Insecure that we are actually referring to our selves from a... more

What role does insecurity play in the day to day of your relationships? What role does childhood experiences play in creating insecurity in your relationships? Do you struggle with jealousy in your relationship? Why? Where does that come... more