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Inspiration for a Lifetime


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"Inspiration for a Lifetime" Show going on hiatus starting April 2016. Stay tuned for new season and always check back for past shows. Also, check out Facebook page. My name is Desiree. I started my online radio show in 2011. At the time I was living in the world and was involved in struggles with men, low self worth, and all the things that come with it. I decided to give my life back to God in 2013 and my show has transitioned along with my journey. As the Lord continues to work with me, my hope is that the topics encourage others to find their wholeness in God.

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Everything has a beginning and an ending in this world. Sometimes we wish that certain things would last forever and we do not want to accept that some things must end. Many times the endings lead to new beginnings. New beginnings that... more

I had wanted to do apart 2 to this topic and I am looking forward to speaking with Queen in regards to the things youth face today. She will share her experiences and how the Lord has brought her to where she is now. My hope is that... more

This show I will have Pastor David coming to speak to us about the great shaking in the church. It is a topic he chose and we will be looking at what it means. God is doing a major work right now in the church and it is becoming more urgent... more

This show I am going to speak on temperance and how the Lord has been showing me how important it is especially in the area of diet and how it affects our lives. Some of us were not raised to learn temperance in the home or we might... more

This is a continuation to the previous show since I did not have much time. I want to go back into our influence out in the World and also in the body of Christ. Many times we can get so caught in everyday life that we forget that we are being... more

Lost sheep does not apply only to those who are out in the World. There are many who are straying in the church and need to be brought back into the fold. There are others who have already left and are stranded by the strongholds... more

I have always heard people say many things about love. I never could understand the concept since for a long time I not only did not like myself, but I hated myself. I did not see how I could ever love the person looking back at me in the... more

This is a continuation to the other show I did on steps we can take to improve our heatlh. In this show I will speak on nutrition again, but would also like to share everyday things we can do to maximize the blessing of life. It is those little things... more

I had no idea what I was gonna talk about and as I started to come up with the topic as I was trying to listen to the Holy Spirit, I find it interesting that this topic came up since I just talked about the truth last week. A lot of times we say that... more

I wanted to revisit this topic as I remembered how much I struggled with trusting God to reveal things to me at one point of my healing journey. It was opening doors to sin, confusion, lack and peace, and added on to a lot of the pain I was... more
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