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I use this site to mainly take care of prayer warrior biz-teaching others to be bold enough to claim their own blessings in Christ Jesus. I also belong to a few other URL's for same as well as a group where we police the sites in search daily for pervs,scammers, and abusers of the women,children,and elderly or anyone who is new to web and try to keep it safe for all to enjoy. I have a lot of musicians on my page who are awesome and some are already famous- somem are just now getting back to their first love which is music. I have some wonderful artists on my page and a lot of people of GOD-true Warriors for Jesus! I believe that God loves music and that it is the universal language, capable of yanking one back from the depths of despair as well as calming the savage beast within all beings-especially when provoked but threat or fear.So if ya wanna learn how to soar on eagles wings take GOd and music into your heart and no matter what storms come your way ..we can overcome it..Life is not about learning how to outrun or avoid the storms-it's more about learning how to dance n playin da REIGN!!! hehehe LIFE is GOOD and GOD makes it BETTER yal!! So If your visiting then leave me a message with an email addy and I promise Ishall get back to ya for I love my internet friends! GOD BLESS YAL GOOD!!

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Gary Revel has been a musician for his entire life and he has been recording since 1970, after coming coming home wounded from the Viet Nam war. He moved out to the west coast, hit Hollywood, and the very first studio he stepped... more

We All have lost loved ones in this war as well as ones in the past.. Tonight we are aiming at looking at it from a different perspective! We shall NEVER FORGET THE ONES WHO GAVE IT ALL FOR US!! This is a show for THEM as well as... more

This is a backup show for the previous one and there just might be a few surprise guests that show up on this one so yal be there to enjoy what is happening and great company!

Howdy yal! This show is going to be a little light hearted humore and lot of good music and laughter and wonderful love energeries aroused. THere are a few things I would like to share in view of soem of the negative things that have... more


Tonight's show si to interview Levi Kensing the ceator of SOurce of Abundance. We also shall be having several of the co-creators involved ad on air with us all tonight. It shall be not only the interview but also we shall have the phone lines... more

Just a show to have a littel fun - let off soem steam - do some dancing joking na lots of laughing - its time to stir it up ladies and gents!! I shall see yal within!! BLessings!!

This is a back up show to the previous oen for we got a lotta ground to cover yal.......during this time frame anyoen can stop by to support the show and get our love stirred up to heavenly heights!.

Tonights show is going to eb uplifting as well as informative! Wildflower formerm\ly and now known as PEACE WARRIOR ANGEL shall be joining em toco-host adn stir up some serious live vibrations so yal stop in tosay hello and... more

Well This is strike three for tryin to schedule.if it goes thru we got the show - if it does'nt then might be I am not supposed to be onair tonight!! heheehe!! Blessings n love everyone -~we Might get to see one another soon!
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