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Tune in on 2/25 @5 pm EST as we present new music from some of the dopest emcee' s in the rap game.

16 Barz radio welcomes R&B singer and poet Natalie NDURE. Recently, she was chosen as the runner up for Hip Hop Season first female ever picked to perform live at B.B.King's Club in Manhattan, NY on Nov.11 2012. She has also been... more

16barz radio welcomes rapper, songtress & fashion blogger Justina Valentine.

Today on 16barz radio were are playing some of MsGravzdigga's top favorite songs from some of her favorite past and future guests.

Today we salute our past and future guests who has helped to make 16barz a successful show! Highlights on artist Conway's Amerikan Greed which went viral on YouTube and in the streets and continues to be one of the most played... more

16barzRadio returns with a new show featuring Experimental, HIP HOP ROCK FUSION artist Darris Robins. Darris Robins will be here on 16barzRadio to discuss his inspiration behind his hit #OUTOFSELF. Music with a conscious is... more

Vice president of (A&R's) at Mach1 music, Chris Heintz is back to speak on how independent artists can development an online presence and how it's existence is vital to you landing a record deal with a major label.

Chris Henitz ,vice president of Mach1 music A&R's talks about what the labels are looking for in your music and why your not signed. Chris will be taking calls regarding artist management,artist development and also giving tips on how to... more

Please help me welcome Hip Hop artist Basta. Basta is a dope emcee from Amsterdam who is known for his hit song "Miss Worldwide" and he is the voice behind 16barz's new intro.

Sassy & Puma caugt "DOGGING" Cease in a VladTv interview.
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