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Join Hosts Ms. Incredible and The Black Dr. Phil while we discuss some of life's joys and struggles, Every Wednesday at 9:30pm est.

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We would like to take this week to honor our Soldiers who volunteer to stand at the front lines no matter the cost, and for some it's a pretty hefty one. Some may not realize that our Freedom Isn't Free. Although, we all may not agree on... more

Do you have a set of rules that you follow when dating? Should they be considered rules or standards? Do following rules really stop you from making potential mistakes? Should people just toss the rulebook, go with their heart and... more

Join us as we take you on a journey of life behind bars with Special Guest 'Freeway' Rick Ross & More. Many may know the story that put him there, but few know the story that helped change his life. Learn how they adapted and made... more

Some people choose to remain Natural, while others choose the Synthetic route. Which one works best for you? Join us as we discuss the wide range of Natural vs. Synthetic choices we have available to us today? Tune in... more

Is it possible for a Woman to think like a Man? Are there advantages for her doing so? If she did, would she really understand his thought process?

Drugs and Alcohol can cost you your job, respect, dignity and family just to name a few. Have you been affected by someone abusing drugs and/or alcohol? How did you handle it? Did they conquer their addiction? Tune in every... more

Can you tell if someone is a Good catch? Would you be able to Identify a Bad Catch? Why do people choose to stay in dead-end relationships? Do good guys/ladies always finish last? Join us while we discuss these questions and... more

Some people are single and prefer to be attached. Some are attached and prefer to be single or in-between. Are you single and happy? Attached and happy? Or In-between and happy? Which do you prefer? Tune in Every Wednesday @... more

Exes...Shouldn't they be a part of your past. Why are people allowing their exes to be a part of their future? Do you communicate with your ex? Do you still have sex with your ex? Should exes be off limits to Friends & Family? Join us as we... more

Every day thousands of our youth wake up afraid to go to school. Bullying is a problem that affects millions of students and has even had them take their own lives. How do we put this to an end? Join us while we discuss ways to... more
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