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Jim Butcher, THE DRESDEN FILES novelist: Mr. Media Radio Interview

Interviews by Bob Andelman

Interviews by Bob Andelman

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Author Jim Butcher puts a Dresden Files spell on crafty ol’ Mr. Media!

Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files are set in an "alternate" Chicago where magic is real, but only a few actually believe in it; it's a first-person tale told by an irascible wizard named Harry Dresden, who regularly gives the magical establishment indigestion — and the police, the same. Take Sam Spade, your Average Joe Underdog Action Star, and toss in some spellcraft, and you get Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. Heck of a guy.

There are 11 books in the Dresden series and now they’re joined by graphic novels adapted by Mark Powers and illustrated by Ardian Syaf.

Butcher is a martial arts enthusiast with fifteen years of experience in various styles including Ryukyu Kempo, Tae Kwan Do, Gojo Shorei Ryu, and a sprinkling of Kung Fu. He is a skilled rider and has worked as a summer camp horse wrangler and performed in front of large audiences in both drill riding and stunt riding exhibitions.

He enjoys fencing, singing, bad science fiction movies and live-action gaming. Butcher lives in Missouri with his wife, son, and a vicious guard dog.

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