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Mr Wayne

Clear Water Radio (The Green Revolution Show)


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For everything, there's water! From discovering life on other planets and traveling through time, to balancing a healthy environment and sustaining life on our planet, water is part of the equation, if not the answer. Do you need to rant? Grab a glass of water, or your favorite adult beverage, and let's discuss, sound off, and contemplate this crazy human existence.

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Rainwater Harvesting 101 Rainwater Harvesting, or RWH 101, answers the question, "What is it"? Simply put...It's capturing rain, and we'll explain the basics in order for you to develop your own rainwater harvesting system at home.... more

The physics of water is truly amazing! It's the only element that exists in three forms: Liquid, Solid and Vapor, and yet, there is a third ~ ENERGIZED! The process called electroporation, which activates typical tap water into a powerful... more

Our annual New Year's Eve Show with Dr. Brian O'Leary, from his homestead in Ecuador, kicks off new hour-long programing, and we are glad you can join us! Dr. O’Leary, Ph.D., is a scientist-philosopher with 50 years of experience in... more

The Governor of California, after declaring a State of Emergency in California due to the ongoing drought, asked his legislators to find ways for Californians to save more water. These new graywater regulations have done nothing but just... more

For some, this may be the only time where we pay attention to our front yards. What can we do that might bring interest to our front yards without spending alot of time, and won't blow our Christmas Budget!

Some people believe that most of the water that we drink is dead, and before I ever heard of Alkaline Water, I never gave it much thought. With our bodies made up of over 70% water, it only goes to reason that we need to be drinking... more

Bringing water to a thirsty world is easy, compared to keeping it clean. We can set up cisterns and dig wells, but if the residents and users of these rainwater collection systems do not properly dispose of waste, they just may as well go... more

Some of the waterlines that bring water to our homes, flow through pipes that were placed 100 years ago, and they're failing! What is so prevalent throughout this country, is unfortunately "out of site, and out of mind." Water districts are... more

Winter is approaching and it's time to start thinking about preparing for what's ahead. In many parts of the country it begins the rainy season which could bring flooding and too much water...so what do we do? Other parts of the country we... more

Are you using cleaning agents that require less water? Are you composting your food scraps instead of using the garbage disposal and running water down the drain? Are you taking shorter showers? Are you doing all you can to save water... more
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