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Mr Wayne

Clear Water Radio (The Green Revolution Show)


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For everything, there's water! From discovering life on other planets and traveling through time, to balancing a healthy environment and sustaining life on our planet, water is part of the equation, if not the answer. Do you need to rant? Grab a glass of water, or your favorite adult beverage, and let's discuss, sound off, and contemplate this crazy human existence.

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Our youth aren't getting dirty enough! Two Bills, currently in Congress, are aiming to bring our children outside, and bring environmental education back to the classrooms of America; preparing them for the complicated challenges that lie... more

"Just don't talk about religion." It's what Grand Dad would always say about the social circles he used to hang out with, and I think it still holds true for many people, today. So what's the big deal, and why do so many get so offended?... more

Independence and the month of July! A lot has happened in July when it comes to LIFE, WOW! Update on the 4th Appelate Courts ruling on 5th Amendment Violations Considering the Mental Health of the Aurora CO shooter President... more

EVIL Often it's disguised in "innocent" video games, or superhero movies, like the Dark Knight. The Culture of Garbage is brought up to see EVIL as a force to be dealt with, but it's not considered real. At the end of the day, we can simply... more

Does anyone care? "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...!" Hosea 4:6 We say this country is a Republic, NOT a Democracy, but does anyone know what this means, and the responsibility this requires of us in order to uphold... more

Three years ago, this week, Brother Wayne kicked off his presence on Blog Talk Radio with what has become one of his most listened to broadcasts...and, it's no wonder! T Boone Pickens joined Mr. Wayne, June 1st 2008, to announce... more

June was filled with news about LIFE! Brother Wayne takes the last Friday of the month to re-cap, and make some follow up comments. He also invites you to call in on any subject related to this "Culture of Garbage", and speaking... more

Kristi Burton Brown joins us tonight! She has been called a Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist, and a Maverick for Life in her 2008 campaign to establish the definition of a human being...to that of a person. Since losing, in a vote, the... more

Abortion Clinic workers are the weak link in ending abortions. At least that's what former Planned Parenthood Director, Abby Johnson writes in her national best selling book, unPLANNED. Tonight we are re-airing a webcast that... more

What is being done with the aborted? Biomedical Waste is generally overseen by the local Health and Safety Code, and if abortions became illegal, like they are to some extent in India, imagine the enormous amount of new regulations... more
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