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Biomedical Waste - Disposing of Dead Babies

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Mr Wayne

Mr Wayne


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What is being done with the aborted?

Biomedical Waste is generally overseen by the local Health and Safety Code, and if abortions became illegal, like they are to some extent in India, imagine the enormous amount of new regulations we would see in the U.S.

News this week is out about a doctor in India who tossed what was left of the young lives taken during several abortions and fed to the dogs...literally!

It's also being reported that the remains were those of little girls, and this is where Dr. Munde broke the law.

As we discussed in last weeks program about the U.S. now becoming a safe haven for Gendercide, and sex selection abortions, it remains illegal in India to have an abortion based on the sex of your baby. This obviously doesn't stop some, but this is no reason to allow this despicable practice.

This topic is not one we hear much about, and it's not very pleasant to bring to you, either...doing what's right is not always easy, and it's why Brother Wayne is here, to expose this evil practice of devaluing life and turning it to garbage.

Biomedical Waste is what human tissue, rotten flesh and dead bodies are labeled as, and it's no different when a baby is aborted. She gets no funeral, and honored among the those who have died. He gets no proper burial among other babies who've died of natural causes.

No, aborted children get tossed among the Biomedical Waste among a Culture of Garbage!

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid" Ronald Reagan