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Mr Wayne

Clear Water Radio (The Green Revolution Show)


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For everything, there's water! From discovering life on other planets and traveling through time, to balancing a healthy environment and sustaining life on our planet, water is part of the equation, if not the answer. Do you need to rant? Grab a glass of water, or your favorite adult beverage, and let's discuss, sound off, and contemplate this crazy human existence.

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I'm welcoming back, my friend, and business partner, Edward Cobau, whose lived and worked in Syria...so, we'll be talking about this part of the world that seems to be on everyone's radar. The instability of this region has left no room... more

Organic Recycling? Coastal communities, for decades, have used the ocean as their personal dumping ground, and today we are discovering how Mother Nature fought back and is turning one man's trash into another man's treasure.... more

Tonight, I'll be welcoming Cesar Tapia with the San Diego Chapter of the USGBC and the Gap Project. Balboa Park will soon become an example of Sustainability through a partnership with the San Diego Chapter of the USGBC (U.S. Green... more

Sustainable News ...what is it? Environmentally Responsible; Economically Viable; Socially Accountable. SNN is will soon be launching a new website and an entire news network devoted to sustainability, and the built... more

Twitter is changing how we obtain our news. Newspaper's and magazines are dwindling, but can we blame twitter, or has twitter emerged BECAUSE of the dieing print media because we're just too damn impatient, and our attention... more

So what's the big deal? We toss it away, and it's gone, right? Not so fast! Captain Charlie Moore, who we had on our program last Summer stated so poignantly, "Away is full. There is no more room at the Away Inn". So what's all this talk... more

What happened to "Government by the People"? The People are protesting, picketing, and forming mass demonstrations because our elected officials are ignoring the documents that were written in order to establish the LAW OF THE... more

The latest for the month of August, and a recap of this month's programs... We had a lot going on this month, in fact, it was record breaking...More people listened in than any other month since starting "Culture of Garbage" in... more

Rape is Rape! ...or is it? Congressman Todd Akins is back peddling from the comment he made this week regarding a justification for abortion. He said he used the wrong words. Do we know what he really meant to say? Was it the... more

SLAVERY IN AMERICA! Young women are being sold into prostitution and treated like slaves. Many are trapped into a life of darkness and have no where to turn for fear of their lives...it's happening in our own back yards! Most... more
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