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Moving Train Radio is a webcast radio show, hosted by Heidi Hollen and Dave Slavens in Minnesota and Jeff Pickens in New Jersey. Topics include politics, current events, and anything else on your mind.

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In 1962, JFK challenged the nation to "achieving the goal, before the decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth." And guess what? We did it! NASA has achieved great things. Before Apollo 11... more

What's on your mind tonight? Got any good news? Did anything piss you off? CALL US at 347-850-8445 and be heard!

Well, maybe not ALL about Black History Month, but as much as we can cover in one episode. February is Black History Month, which was established to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of African-Americans throughout US... more

Lots to talk about tonight. We'll cover as much as we can but can't promise we'll cover everything! Brian Williams: Is there such a thing as journalism any more? Anti-vaxxers: WHY, oh WHY is this a thing? Bruce Jenner: Bringing the "T" in... more

Your hosts return from vacation with a smorgasbord of tales from New Orleans and the West Indies, the horrors of air travel, and of course, Super Bowl 49. How's the weather in New England? Should Ground Hog Day be abolished?... more

With my co-hosts Heidi and Dave on a well-deserved vacation, frequent caller Dave Hamilton - a/k/a Dave From Massachusetts - will be my guest host on Tuesday. This episode will be the first of a long line of oral history conversations... more

CALL 347-850-8445 We are down to the Final Four, to be played this Sunday! Join us Tuesday as we discuss and disect the NFL playoff picture, post game analyses and prognistications for the AFC and NFC Championships and the... more

Join us Tuesday for our first episode of the New Year! Special guest Michael S. Wilbekin of New York City will give his take on Pope Francis and Mario Cuomo. On the docket: - Recap the Year in Review, 2014 - Pope Francis,... more

Join us Tuesday as we talk about the events of 2014. World Cup, Ebola virus outbreak, Robin Williams, Ice Bucket Challenge, Conflict in Gaza, Malaysia Airlines, Michael Brown/Ferguson, Sochi Winter Olympics, Eric Garner - to... more

"Even though the prospect sickens...Brother here we go again" - Tom Lehrer It's that time of year again, the Christmas, um, Holiday, season. Are you offended by the word "Christmas"? Are you offended by the word "Holiday"? Do you have... more