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Our Mission statement: “We want to help you bring back that loving feeling of what we love so much…movies.” This show is for busy cool, who think outside of the box seasoned preppies who love independent films. These are films that are not backed by huge and well known movie studios, often with low budgets, unknown directors, actors, definitely more graphic and sexual explicit. Often, titles and themes are out of the box thinking. Here is where “no restrictions apply,” tune in to hear host: Edna Stewart Sundays at 6 pm for movies to love. (other times may apply, be sure to set your notifications) follow us on FaceBook, Google, Tumbler, Twitter and on Pintrest for updates.

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Remember when you were the new kid on the block? A 10 year old transgender introduce as a boy in a new neighborhood. This movie takes the viewer inside of the newfound life as it focuses on identifying the life at an early age, the social issues and true difficulties and the treatment of transgender. How do you think the 10 year olds life is affected? What are you views, do you think the same also? Tune in Sunday at 6 pm for Movies to Love Indie Films. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb-Oys-IcWE
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What happens when a working class youth name Paul life changes after the death of his father? A violent and graphic life is told how a young person deals with torn emotions of life and death. Set in East London, the teen decides to deal with his... more

Directed by Baran bo Odar based on the crime fiction novel The Silence by Das Schweigen about an 11 year old girl in 1986 who goes missing. A graphic and violent incident happens. After some years later, another violent... more

Pacifists teens who decide to carry guns calling themselves the Dandies. Talk about gun control real or fake? The teens decide to take action and start a study and shooting to recruit the outcast in society. This is a violent movie in... more

At times, this film becomes heart retching. After 25 years of war, a Taxi driver picks up a woman and her young baby, the woman gets out of the cab and the driver drives off not knowing what's in the back seat of the cab. The man sets... more

This is an incredible story of coming of age, in April 1975 during a civil war. Omar makes a Super 8 film. What do you do when school is closed? This movie does have battles of religion and violence. This is a true drama film that does have... more

Angus is a fat and miserable teenager who has a crush on someone. Haven't' well all been there whether in junior high or high school and wanted at least for someone just to accept us? Angus participates in the school dance. Hey, I got... more

What we won't do for our kids to see their success at anything to make them happy. Little Miss Sunshine is a movie that parents will do anything for their kid. The film won 2 Oscars Haven't we all been there, even if it's a children,... more

Son of Babylon: This is truly one of my favorite and close to my heart. This one is about a willful young boy who follows his grandmother on a journey across Iraq. This movie will put you in the thick of things. Both are trying to discover the... more

In 1985 Dallas, Ron Woodroof who works as an electrician, beats the system to help people get the medication they need who have contacted AIDS. This happens, after he is himself diagnosed with the disease. I have to tell you this is... more

Mang shan: China in the 1990's, women are forced to marry men, babies that are female to drown. This movie will have you guessing and not guessing what's next. It is pure madness. What is so fascinating? It's the Color Purple and Cold... more
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