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Our Mission statement: “We want to help you bring back that loving feeling of what we love so much…movies.” This show is for busy cool, who think outside of the box seasoned preppies who love independent films. These are films that are not backed by huge and well known movie studios, often with low budgets, unknown directors, actors, definitely more graphic and sexual explicit. Often, titles and themes are out of the box thinking. Here is where “no restrictions apply,” tune in to hear host: Edna Stewart Sundays at 6:30 pm for movies to love. (other times may apply, be sure to set your notifications) follow us on FaceBook, Google, Tumbler, Twitter and on Pintrest for updates.

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What would you do if you're a film maker and everything is fine at first and suddenly things begin to take a turn for the worst! What would you do if you're attacked, would you stay and continue the trip? Now, this move is not for... more

What do you do when all is what you see in a neighborhood that traps you? Your parents have issues; you have to go live with your grandparents. Life for Kaydee seems to just disappear right before his eyes. Under suspicions for just being... more

Want to have a great nightmare? This is the 1971 version of this most unforgettable at that time of rats raised by a young man on a path of finding his place in society. He train the rats to kill, how would you look at a rat the next... more

Have you ever wanted to get rid of ants and fire ants, but end up in a huge fight against nature? Well, think again. This science fiction movie based on a nuclear test cause ants to mutate into giant ants. Well, I don't know if Raid would... more

This is the 1976 sci-fi based on one of HG Wells novel The food of the Gods and How it came to Earth, this is interesting if you love sci-fi of the 1970's, who could ever thought that a trip could go so wrong looking for help? What do you... more

Naughty, Naughty, Naughty. This was a very bad month in movies. Between, big bad mama, hell on wheels, and Cleopatra Jones, how bad did you see yourself. These movies really engaged the mind to what independent films are all about... more

How does sweet brown sugar wrapped in gold sound to you? Packed with iron? How bad can an agent become? As bad as she wants to be. Cleopatra Jones is a 1970's film full of action and one very bad agent. She becomes a key point to... more

Hell on Wheels www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgyXUQ-W5tU http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061757/ What could possibly go wrong between two brothers? Money, women, or both? This film will get you rolling about babes, hot... more

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071216/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQmaG6Sfm7M What happens when mother and daughter get in trouble with the law? How bad were you and your mom back in the day? How much convincing does it take for... more

This is the end of the month of August. Recap the movies of Irina Palm and Vibrator. Indeed, the shows were limited because of other obligations. What was the most exciting elements of the movies? Did they make you think the... more
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