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Move Into Action

Move Into Action


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Christine Pechstein is a Jesus-loving, professional Life Management and Stress Management Coach with certifications in Mental Health First Aid and Disaster and Crisis Mental Health First Response. She is all about life management and embraced as the real deal when it comes to managing life chaos, setting priorities, and clearing the unnecessary baggage and weight out of our lives. She is on a mission to help individuals inundated with stress and life fatigue find the freedom, hope, and encouragement they so desperately need without resorting to band-aided and temporary solutions.

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Join us for this special episode where we'll look at the life managmeent area of self improvement from an addiction standpoint. What are addictions? How can we identify addictions and in our lives and break away from them? We'll be talking... more

Whether you lead a company, community, or family, you need to know why delegating is important to your life and stress management. Without it the culture around you suffers. But with it, proper delegation allows people to thrive,... more

People don't always agree or understand your vision. They think your goals or passions are CRAZY! But that's OK. Your vision is unique. And in it you'll find all the hope and strength you need to pioneer your way toward your destiny,... more

What is your initial mindset when you're suddenly facing a crisis? Do you see doom and gloom and the end of the world? Or do you see a blank slate, a brand new opportunity, and unlimited potential? Have you ever been fired? Ended a... more

Do people upset you in traffic? Do you go into grouch mode when hungry? Do common every day annoyances upset you and pull your trigger? You only have so much time, energy, and resources, so why waste it on unnecessary... more

We've ALL been there. You know, that place where you need to let off steam just to remain sane. But when does venting become gossiping? Is it gossiping? Venting IS a healthy part of life. But what signs may show me that I might be... more

Strawberry. Chocolate. Vanilla. Sometimes we find it difficult to make a decision and trying to make one can make us a little bit crazy. Trying to change one once we've made one can be even more difficult…or so we think! Tune in to take... more

Join Christine as she gabs about the importance of NOT being the peace keeper. Sometimes you need to upset the majority and stand up, go against the grain, rock the boat, and make change in your life, career, relationships,... more

This month: Rest and Relaxation. Kids with small bladders in rush hour traffic. Learning from life on the fly. Do you have "Superpowers"? And when will you schedule your white space? Christine Pechstein is discussing strengths (she... more

Do you use your freedom to complain or take action? This is our Memorial Day Episode #41. How can you change your life? And how can you be grateful by using and embracing the freedoms that you have? Tune in now! The Gift of Gab... more
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