The Gift of Gab! Episode #11: Simple Steps To Change Your Chaotic Life

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On this weeks episode of The Gift of Gab, I talked about a statistic that 80% of Americans will identify with: Our lives are way too hectic! But that's not the shocking statistic. Nope. The one that will shock you is that only about 10% of the 80% are willing to proactively DO anything about their chaotic and overwhelming life. (You can take action now!)

The Gift of Gab is where you'll start your week off right!

Christine Pechstein is a faith-based life coach specializing in life and stress management. She loves teaching people to persevere despite the set backs and challenges life will inevitably bring, and she isn't afraid to use an honest and transparent approach in her teaching. Be sure to listen in as she challenges you to live a life well managed, leave your stresses behind, PUSH past your obtacles, overcome your fears, live with passion as you take charge of your life, and talk about a variety of other things that require transparancy, guts, and of course, the gift of gab!

She is the founder of Move Into Action, and is a Life and Stress Management Coach, Author, Speaker, Preacher, and body builder with a passion for building up the body of Christ.

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