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December 22, 2015: Marybeth Smith was serious about her commitment to lose weight. Inspired by watching the Biggest Loser competition on television, she was motivated to stick to a self-designed exercise program at all costs. With a... more

November 20, 2014: Andrea Parada ran her first marathon in her 40s, pain free. Months later, she could hardly get out of bed, get dressed, or brush her teeth without debilitating pain. Andrea had suffered a herniated disc in her lower back.... more

November 6, 2014: An athlete with a torn anterior cruciate ligament faces a daunting rehabilitation challenge, with or without surgery. A significant amount of physical therapy is likely to be involved to regain strength and range of motion.... more

October 24, 2014: America's obesity epidemic provides staggering statistics, most alarming are those affecting children. In the United States, 68% of adults are estimated to be overweight, with 36% falling in the obesity category. Roughly... more

October 9, 2014: People everywhere experience the transformative effects physical therapy can have on their daily lives. In fact, as experts in the way the body moves, physical therapists help people of all ages and abilities reduce... more

September 18, 2014: Choosing Wisely is a national campaign to promote conversations between health care providers and patients about utilizing the most appropriate tests and treatments, and avoiding care whose harm may outweigh... more

September 10, 2014: According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, approximatelyt 13,400 children between the ages of birth and 19 years of age are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States, and approximately one... more

August 28, 2014: For many kids, getting through the school day is only as challenging as the educational material. But for some with special needs, simply navigating to and through the classroom is a challenge in and of itself. Available... more

August 15, 2014: Hit by a car while riding his bike at the of 14, Tim Haitz was critically injured, spending days in a coma, weeks in the Intensive Care Unit, and months in traction. He didn't stand and bare weight for almost 10 months after... more

August 5, 2014: By the time Linda Cook took her 10-month old son Evan to his 4-month check-up, she was convinced he had scoliosis. Evan was having trouble breathing, he was losing strength and range of motion, and he had a noticeable... more
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