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    When YOU are making Changes in YOUR life...What are comes up for YOU?

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    What is it that you want for yourself?  How do you want to show up in your life?  How do you want others to see you?  What is it about you that you want to change or be better?  What situation do you find yourself in over and over again?  What makes you think you need to change?  What are the opinions you are listening too?
    These are questions that I have ask myself over and over again...I am sure you have asked yourself a few of these questions as well.  
    What's the difference between self-development and needing to change something about yourself?  That is another great question.  Last week we talked about self-development, getting to know who you are and what it is that truly inspires you.  Most people including myself took self-development on as if we needed to change ourselves, that we are not good enough and we need to change ourselves in some way. 
    If you take a moment and think about it, it really is all about learning who you are and what makes you tick.  What it is that has you live your life in a particular way?  What were the events in my life that has me make the decisions in my life?
    These are great questions to ponder and realize we are who we are for a reason; we are whole and complete and we are all on a journey that has us experience, learn and grow.  Can you imagine realizing that you are perfect the way you are, that you don't need to change?  Can you imagine developing yourself in such a way that you are powerful because of who you are and what you have experienced?  
    Some people walk around angry and bitter because of their experiences, and yet others are walking around happy and powerful because of their experiences.  It's amazing how different people are when they discover who they truly are through Self-Development.  
    Tune in tonight and expand yourself.

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    Actor James D. Weston II

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    My special guest is Actor James D. Weston II, fresh off the set of the new movie released this week "Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  James, has appeared in a few movies and he drops in to have a conversation with us about the ins and outs of being an actor and what it was like being on the set of the latest Transformer movie.

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    The Character for Leadership

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    Special Guests:
    Emma Gilliam-Cooper discusses the importance of learning how not to get offended by "the journey", so you can receive the promise. 
    Emma Cooper is a prophetic- minister of the Word and song. She has been ministering as a minister of music and teacher for 35 years, equipping believers not only in their musical craft, but spiritual development and maturity, as well. A teacher at heart, she has worked over the years to build people to accomplish their destiny moments. 
    It has been out of this passion, that she has developed a "Built Up" movement. It is her desire to see the believer in their rightful place in society, family and every place the God has ordained; not getting choked on the "ash" of the journey. 
    Tim Hileman discusses what the character of a leader looks like.
    Tim is the leader of the men’s prayer and ministry at FLC. He is a husband, father, grandfather and truly gifted and anointed leader.
    He is passionate about seeing men restored and equipped to be the leaders that God has called them to be. His desire is to help leaders grow and become more aware of the call on their lives.
    Tim Hileman's mission is to equip Men taking their lives back. No longer bound to the past Standing strong for their lives, children, family and friends; and stand strong against the pressures of the world.
    Check out JoeSpeaksLife.com for more inspiration and information.

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    A Conversation w/ Lorien Lehmer

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    Having a Conversation w/June Love is a spin off of the 'Coming of the Cocoon' Series about ordinary people finding their Divine path; their Calling.
    The purpose of the show is to bring empowerment to those who have a dream or vision but are afraid to make a move and to bring a platform to those who do. As my guests come to share with us their different stories of struggles and breakthroughs we will recieve nuggets of wisdom from each of them.
    My Guests are ordinary people like us, doing extraordinary things and they encourage us to keep on our path even when we are on the 'Lonely Road' because our reward is coming and it is sure. No one ever said making our dreams come true would be easy but I guarantee it is worth all of the Joy and pain.
    I am June Love your Host on Transcending Love Today and I will be having a Conversation with Mi Mi Zulu singer and songwriter. She is a Soulful vocalist/actress/performer and will tell her story tonight at 6pm Pacific!
    Please call in to speak to our Guest at 6:45pm Pacific.
    This show is highly motivational and exciting and hope to hear from you all!
    Love and Light
    email: June Love Facebook: June Love     Youtube: June Love Blogtalk Radio: June Love Instagram: June Love

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    Donald Trump As The Impetus For Change

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    The Impetus For Change.  The energetics that have lead up to Donald Trump as president elect.  What we can do about it now?  What is right about Donald Trump as president elect that I'm not getting?  To get a result you've never had, you've got to choose to be or do something you've never chosen.  Now is the time to choose to do your inner work for creating a greater reality you wish to see in the world.  What can you choose to be and do different today to bring a more possibilities right away? Go to www.theclearingstatement.com for more information about the clearing statement.  Visit my website at www.livingbrilliancenow.com

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    Speak Life with Alica Best

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    Welcome to Inside the Overflow Presents Speak Life. Season One Episode One. If we know it or not what we are telling ourselves consciously or subconsciously it is influencing our lives every day. It is influencing everyone around us.
     What are telling our telling ourselves without being aware?  
    Are we speaking negativity instead of positivity on each other?
     What can we do to begin to change our bad habits?
    Let’s talk about the important of pouring greatness into our children and each other. 
    Ways to inspire ourselves in our busy lives daily. 
    You will be able to download all links on the website. 

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    Reclaiming Your True Identity

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    This episode I take you through the process of reclaiming your true identity by sharing a story about a woman who had surpressed her vulnerability and was losing out on benefits of being feminine. This process is taken from Tony Robbins lessons in mastery and is the process of identifying key decisions made as a child or a young adult that can shape our destiny. 
    I discuss a lot about masculine and feminine energy in this podcast and it is important to note that I am not talking about gender. All genders must have both masculine and feminine energy in our lives to be healthy and to interact with each other. It is when we try to surpress one energy out of survival mode that it can become an issue. 
    I also discuss how a decision made at a young age can cause us to fuel our human needs with fear instead of love. When this happens our view of others becomes negative, we think they are taking our needs from us and we often find ourselves in conflict. 

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    Share A Word

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    Pastir Tim shares a life changing word that encourages, empowers, and strengthens you.

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    The TRANSPARENT Talk Show

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    Understanding the position of the StrongMan!