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    Show-#31-Guilt Free Eating: having your cake and eating it without guilt.

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    1st Guest: Lindsey Smith, Author, Speaker, Health Coach.
    The Food Mood Girl, Lindsey Smith, is a health and wellness coach with passion. She is author of several books including her upcoming book, Food Guilt No More. She helps people uncover their cravings and emotional connections with food so they can live a healthy and happy life. She has been a featured expert on The Lisa Oz Show, CBS News Stations, WTAE and KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live. She loves kale smoothies and rapping about self-love.
    2nd Guest: Susan Liniewski, CPC ELI-MP  
    I am an eating disorder survivor I was dx at 48 with chronic anorexia and severe depression. So many relapses, a heart attack and several hospitalizations including spending most of 2007 in treatment, I recovered in spite of myself.  I went back to school at the age of 59 and became a Certified Professional Coach. I also reached the status of Master Practitioner Energy Leadership Coach.  I am coaching around eating disorder recovery and discharge. I have developed a unique discharge program. 
    3rd Guest: Barbara Biziou, Global Ritual Expert and Vision Coach.
    As a global wisdom keeper and an agent of change and transformation, Barbara seamlessly integrates her extensive knowledge of practical spirituality, rituals, psychology, neuroscience and business into her practice.  Her greatest passion is marrying cross-cultural ancient rituals and applying them to current times, creating what she refers to as the “alchemical art of ritual fusion.”
    Barbara creates rituals for men and women going through all of life’s transitions as well as businesses, Broadway shows and non profits. She is the author of 2 books and blogs for The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Rewireme.com and What Now, WhatNext. 

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    "Trapped In The Closet" - Free Yourself Friday

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    Listen to my show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mynextisnow/2015/03/27/trapped-in-the-closet--free-yourself-friday - Join Dr. "J" as she explores the subject "Trapped In The Closet". Tune in at 347-945-7725

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    Real Talk With Our Brother Mitchy Slick on Real Issues of Being Young & Black

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    Date 12/24/2014
    Time 11:00 am
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    Real Talk With Mitchy Slick
    We have witnessed time and time again Young African American Men under attack not only from those who have taken an oath to protect and serve our community and communities across this nation but those who have supported and ruled in favor of injustice, Black Robes White Justice. This incident and those across this nation have united us all to stand against these grave miscarriages of Justice. Black, Brown, White, Asian and all ethnicities. Today we will hear from San Diego’s own Mitchy Slick discussing his thoughts on these subjects. What it’s like to be Young & Black in today’s society? Who is Mitchy Slick? San Diego as a Community past & present.Join us to hear the real side of Mitchy Slick.
    Special shout out to Anesha Spikes and the entire Southeast Memorial Page. Darryl Mohammed, Greg Crews. Monica Kelly, Olivia Dixon and each and every one of you who support who we are as a people. Also want to give a shout out to those who have been a part of keeping us informed and organizing,Maitho, Wendy, Xavier, Victoria Elliot, Carl Box, Uhuru, my Sister Laila Aziz and so many others. You don’t want to miss this. One thing I can promise it’s going to be real.

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    TONIGHT  TOPIC WILL BE NO WEAPONS FORM AGAINST THEE SHALL NOT PROSPER,WE ALL FACE MANY DIFFRENT ISSUE IN LIFE,SSO JOINED ME TONIGHT ON blogtalkradio at 8pm for 45 minutes with empowering minds together and let your voice be heard with your host Timothy Smith Senior,Jr,Nikki,and Mr Ed. you can call in at 619-924-0858.

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    Recovery Radio Fresno with Louis Angel and Albert Prado

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    The NNIA network presents Recovery Radio Fresno with special guest Albert Prado.  
    Please take a moment to join the group on Facebook. Our show goes live every Saturday at 9 pm Pacific.  Our shows are permenatly recorded to the link so you can hear the stories at anytime.  Albert said "At the age of seven, my parents divorced and I was abandon by my father. My father was bound in his addiction caught a case and ended up in prison. I was left with my mother, she loved me very much and provided everything I needed.  My mother physically abused me and gradually it was just a normal routine. My heart was calloused and all I wanted was to be loved by my Father." 
    This is going to be a great testimony from this man.  I'm really looking forward to hearing live.  We would also like you to call in and share a few words.  Call us at  (602) 753-1699, we would love to hear from you.

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    Is there a revolution in the making?

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    Who We Got Wednesday's - Man o Man o Man

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    This week Nick and Erik have the great Alexander Houston on the show for Who We Got Wednesday. Alexander will discuss one of the nation's biggest struggles and how we will mend it! This one will be great!

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    The 5 Stages of a Relationship Par 2 Continued "The POWER Struggle"

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    Join Host-Chris Richardson and Co-Host Lorinda "Rin" Reddie for another great discussion on
    "The 5 Stages of a Relationship - Part 2 Continued - The Power Struggle".
    •Why Can't He/She Accept Me for Who I Am? •Am I Living in a Fantasy? Why Can't They See What I See? •Why Does Everything Have to Lead to a Debate or an Argument?  •If I Compromise Today Will it Hurt Me Tomorrow?  •If I Bring Down My Guard Will They Step on My Feelings and Disregard My Emotions? Or, am I Just Allowing my Past to Haunt my Future?  •Am I Turning into a Serial Dater? •When Do Biblical Principles Come into Play?

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    Live, Love, Laugh Presents "I Married Ministry" - First Lady Tiffany Harrison

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    During the month of September, the Live, Love, Laugh Show will interview spouses of individuals who work in ministry. The intent of the show is to get an understanding of what ministers' partners go through when their partner is walking with Christ and working in the ministry. 
    Tiffany Harrison, born and raised Tiffany Jackson in Brooklyn, NY. She's the oldest of 5 children. Raised in the church under a Christian faith. She received her Bachelor's Degree of Journalism at Long Island University. She's currently pursuing her MBA. Married to Overseer Yvonne Harrison, she is the First Lady of Restoration Temple Ministries in New York City. Her and her wife live in South Jersey and are expecting their first child next month.

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    How to become financially free!

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    Financial freedom is our divine right. Most people walk away from it every day not realizing what they are doing on a daily basis affects their bottom line. Join us today so we can discuss realistic, bottom line things that can be done to getting today to set you on a path of financial freedom.

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    The Truth!! Making a difference in this world ! Through self expression!

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    Once a Victim but God carried her through! No longer is she allowing her past to dictate her future. She in control with the Lord as her Shepard! From Pain To Purpose she's come!