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    Quantum Responsibility: A Powerful Shift That Can Transform Your Business & Life

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    Join authors and consultants Will Wilkinson, Christopher Harding as they explore the principle of Quantum Responsibility  -- a concept that can powerfully transform your business and life. Drawing upon their experience as coaches and consultants to some of the world's leading organizations, Will and Chris use their entertaining and informative approach to share a simple yet highly effective principle that can dramatically improve the results you generate individually, on teams, or throughout your company. For more information about the topics covered in this episode, you can refer to the hosts' popular new book Thriving in Business and Life, available in paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon.com.

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    SF #273 - When People Piss You Off

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    There are annoying people everywhere in the world and what are you supposed to do when one crosses you while crossing your path?  You’ve got it together.  You’re kind to people.  Not much gets under your skin.  But, every once in awhile, somebody just pushes your button.  Grabbing you by the collar they take you off your high and drag you down to their low.  What do you do then?  When, through no fault of your own, you’re suddenly angry and ready to retaliate.  What can you do... When People Piss You Off!?
    Mordant & Kirsten open the show with tales of irascible ire and irritation.  From people cutting them off in traffic to cursing them out in the parking lot, both your favorite Success Freaks have had their hands full with keeping their tempers while under duress.  Did they manage to do it?  Sometimes, but not always.  Listen in to this episode and get an earful on how to deal with these stressful in-your-face situations.  Sometimes the answer is taking a breath.  Sometimes, it’s trying to see the “other guy’s” point of view.  Or sometimes… you just gotta move on.  Find out for yourself what to do… When People Piss You Off.
    Producer: Mike Woodard Success Freaks on iTunes

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    The Evolution of You IV: Upleveling Your Mind

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    Tracing the ancient Kemetic wisdom of DHWTY-Djehuty-Tehuti-Thoth-Hermes-Mercury to the natural laws and spiritual principles found in the Kybalion, focusing on the concept of Mentalism. From ancient Egyptian “Thoth” to our English word “thought” – words, just like people, have a history. Taking a second look at the words we use every single day – that have a hidden history (and spiritual power) that is unfamiliar to many people.
    Michele uses the Charlotte protests (arising from the Keith Lamont Scott shooting) as a backdrop to discuss bringing order to chaos energy: internally and externally.
    Dante connects the dots – from city to city across America – between police-involved shootings and protesters in the streets, bringing forward the spirituality of facing hard times.
    We experience life, not as linear, but as the Fibonacci sequence (The Golden Ratio) demonstrates: in circles, cycles and seasons. And each season brings new spiritual lessons at deeper levels of consciousness.
    A crack cocaine-addicted brother reached out to me, via text, letting me know that he was going to “try hard to commit suicide today or tomorrow.” Sharing the soul food that brings you back from the edge (and the ledge) of despair: the end of self-hatred and a higher vision of yourself and your possibilities on this earth.
    Using the Charlotte protests (arising from the Keith Lamont Scott shooting) as a backdrop for discussing the long-term goal of public protest and the short-term impact. Also, reflecting on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “letter from the Birmingham Jail,” as a teaching tool for channeling raw energy and emotion through the seasoned filter of wisdom.
    [The Robert Wesley Branch Show #217: Upleveling Your Mind - originally broadcast on Saturday, September 24, 2016] #TheRobertWesleyBranchShow #RealRawRelevant #KeepItConscious #StayWoke

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    On Fire To Inspire: Casting Your Vision

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    On Fire To Inspire is here to help you stop existing and start living the life that God created you to live. Our topic this week is "Casting The Vision." Our special guest is no stranger to us, the one and only, Linda K. Lee. Linda is a visionary, author, playwright, actress, motivational speaker, entrepreneur (co-owner of Lee & Lee Productions). The time to cast your vision is now. Make sure you tune in and let Linda tell you how!  Tune in at 8pm EST/7pm EST 929-477-2178, www.blogtalkradio.com/onfiretoinspire.

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    The Goal Mine

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    The Goal Mine Hosted by Dr. Anthony White will introduce you to your untapped potential with motivational quotes, thought provoking stories and interviews. It is our desire to show you how to give yourself permission to work outside of the box.

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    Star-Seeds United E-states

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    Proper Mindset and Not the "How to" of releasing the Debt and Acquiring the Credit. 'Taken For Value': The fact that we are all spiritual Beings with Unlimited Credit. Where do we Get To It?

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    LIVE! with Cathi...Reiki, where spirit, light & love meet!

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    Reiki, is where spiritual wisdom, spirit, light & love and life energy meet.
    Introducing  Nancy Waspi, a Reiki Master Teacher.  Trained in Usui/Tibetan styleof Reiki and from Dr. Usui lineage discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922.
    Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
    Ms. Waspi specializes in Reiki Crystal Therapy, Reiki Sonics, Reiki Oncology, Energy healing, Pass life regression and many other healing modalities.
    Reiki is not a religion even though it is spiritual in nature in that it provides love and compassion to all who seek peace.  Reiki does not conflict with religious beliefs.
    For more information...e-mail...nancy@healingreikiworks.com
    Peace, Love & Light to All...
    Nancy Waspi
    The body can heal itself...etc.
    Use of brain...etc.
    Improve energy levels...etc.
    Decreases recovery time from surgery...etc.
    Reiki, a healing path to a better life, NOW...etc.

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    Keeping it Simple

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    Host: Catherine VanWetter Spiritual /shamanic practitioner focusing in the area of highly sensitive people. giftsofsensitivity.com
    Guest: Ruth Kent Contributing author: Nurse SPARKS
    A brief history of Ruth Kent’s professional and personal journey. What she has found to be simple, effective and self-help tools, to benefit all areas her life and health. Ruth and Catherine discuss the passion and what many have seen with the use of the tools: Emotion Code, Body Code, and more
    Ruth Kent RN., CBCP. Emotion Code Seminar Instructor and provides Success Together Program. Ruth worked in healthcare for 47 years, of which included 41 years of Intensive Care nursing. She loved nursing, and after retiring in 2013, she expanded the opportunity to help others more. The awareness and the means to helping others came to her during a period of challenges in her own life. During this time of physical, emotional, and financial struggles she was introduced to Nikken, Inc. and through Nikken came to know Dr. Brady Nelson. This brought her to learn and benefit from The Emotion Code and Body Code.  Her intention is to allow each person to discover the means to live a life of joy through freedom. 
    www.ruthkentllc.com Ruthkentpresen @ gmail.com
    Gift Offered to to listeners: Free 20 minute Introduction: Emotion Code or/ and the Body Code

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    power of perception radio

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    Pleasant Gehman is a true renaissance woman: best-selling author and journalist, international dance performer and instructor, punk rock historian, blogger, Tarot card reader, and a critically acclaimed actor, musician and painter. A Hollywood icon, her multi-disciplinary creative output is nothing short of staggering. Pleasant’s memoirs, short stories and poetry have been widely anthologized and many works were recorded on her spoken word CD Ruined. Additionally, she has written and recorded many music CDs and spoken word tracks, including Blacklite Sleaze, 2006 collaboration with noted house music producers Peace Division, which became a hit in Europe and The United Kingdom, entering the British Charts above Madonna. She is one of the many authors featured in Under The Big Black Sun: A Personal History Of LA Punk, compiled by curators John Doe and Tom De Savia. The book also features Exene Cervenka, Henry Rollins, members of The Go-Go’s and several others involved in the late ‘70’s Los Angeles punk scene.

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    Brotha Live | Season 6 | Episode 16

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    Our Special Guest is SHAUN DERIK who for over a decade, motivational speaker, host and engagement strategist, Shaun Derik has dedicated his career to helping dreamers young and old reconnect with their passion and God-given gifts. 

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    Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind Using Hypnotherapy

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    The mind is a beautiful tool we've been gifted with. This tool is our very own built in computer. The challenge many human being face is the programs built into our computer are no longer serving us in our present moment. During the ages of 0-7 our minds are programmed by our caretakers. This programming often has nothing to do with our Divine purpose. Our purpose is what we must discover on our owns when we come of age. Learning to understand how the subconscious mind works, and tapping into this automated programming component of our mind can help us live our lives as our highest selves growing and evolving daily. Hypnotherapy can help us release the past and step into the present. Coach and Hypnotherapist Robert Graves is going to show us just how we can use this age old science of hypnotherapy to be here NOW!