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Kristen Chase, Host

Motherhood Uncensored


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Kristen Chase, a former musician and college professor now pilot widow and stay-at-home-parent, talks about all things mom (and not-so-mom) in this bi-monthly podcast featuring your favorite bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs, and all-around cool people. Her no-more-mrs.-nice-mom take on motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Weak bladders, however, are welcome.

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Kristen Chase, Host

Alterna Parents: 3/13/07

  • by Kristen Chase, Host
This notion of "hipster" parents made its way through the blogosphere late last month and I thought it was high time I discussed it with a few well-informed folks. It seems as though we can never escape labels, however, this label tends... more

Mom and Dad hipster lit abound with tales from the "dark rimmed glasses" view of parenting. Is it a bit too tried, or a fantastic new perspective? Special guests: Crankmama and Author Erika Schickel

What's all the buzz with the Today Show/NY Times show-article on moms who indulge in a drink or 17 during playdates? Grab some wine and join me for a debate with special guest Stefanie Wilder-Taylor!
Kristen Chase, Host

Babyproofing Your Marriage: 2/27/07 Show Notes

  • by Kristen Chase, Host
Many thanks to authors Stacie Cockrell and Cathy O' Neill for joining me this evening. Finally, a book that addresses what we've all been thinking -- is it me or does divorce look better and better every day? This code of silence we... more

Join us as we discuss scorekeeping, the 5-minute fix, and ways to stay together (and sane) after having a baby with two of the authors of BYPM!
Kristen Chase, Host

MILF Redux: February 6, 2007

  • by Kristen Chase, Host
Many thanks to show sponsor Baby Dagny! If you'd like to sponsor Motherhood Uncensored, drop me an email at: coolmompicks@gmail.com As I consider my newly post-partum body, part of me can't help but wonder if there's something to... more

Motherhood Uncensored returns to radio. Due to technical difficulties, we're doing the MILF show again. Did you lose your sex appeal with your breastmilk? Join us for a lively discussion!

Can you still be sexy and a feminista? Or do we have to give everything up (including our high heels) when the baby comes out. Let's talk about how to keep ourselves alive and still be good mamas.
Kristen Chase, Host

DVD Players in Cars: Lazy or Brilliant?: Show Notes 1/2/07

  • by Kristen Chase, Host
So, what's so bad about a little television? Apparently, kids under two shouldn't have any -- but how are you supposed to function? shower? clean? My daughter watches maybe 2 hours a day of on-demand PBS, and even that makes me... more

Car rides are great until you have kids. So what's so wrong about a little DVD to make the time pass? Does it impinge on our kids' creativity or save us from a bad drinking habit? Join us for a debate!