MOSAIC OF ART - Episode 40, April 10, 2011

George Fishman

George Fishman

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This Sunday, we meet Charles Stainback. He is Norton Museum of Art curator of photography and provides a "backstage" account of the pleasures and challenges of the curatorial profession - and eloquently presents his particular style of practice


"That's the great thing about museum work, and that's the great thing about this museum. They really do allow the curators to make their statement, to sort of say here's what I think is significant; here's what I think we should be thinking about."
In Stainback's view there's a prevalent misconception about the role and power of the art Establishment. 
"People think that curators and museums define the art world and define the art, and it really is the artists.  Artists show us and tell us what is significant, and our job is just to respond honestly to what the artists are doing."
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