Come And Pour The T With Me

Come and Pour the T with me!!


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My show will be about telling the truth. In all aspects of our lives, work, home, family, friends. I hope to give people the courage to speak out.

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In honor of my friend moving across country, let's talk about relocating. I've done it 3 times and looking to do it again. What's the"T" on Relocating? Best places to move for singles? Family? Jobs? Call in and discuss: 347-326-9325

Yesterday's episode had bad voice quality, so I am redoing it today. Call in and tell me all about your puppy girl or boy. Best Breeds? Most Agressive? Care Tips? *Cute butts* Call in today at 3:30pm: 347-326-9325

When dating, what would make you put someone in the "Friend Zone" Looks, behaviors or limitations? Call in and discuss: 347-326-9325

I am reruning this topic because I'd love to hear from teachers outside my social circle. It's about you Teachers!! Call in and let's discuss. Call in at 4pm: 347-326-9325

Since I didn't get the response I hoped, I'm gonna rerun the topic. What's the truth about being in poverty? What's the difference in being poor and impoverished? Call in and lets talk about it: 347-326-9325

Do we all settle for far less than what we deserve? I know that women do. Call in and let's discuss: 347-326-9325

When you get to a turning point in your life and you've once again lost everything. How and when do you start over? Call in and let's discuss "starting over" 347-326-9325

What is fear? What does it mean to be afraid? Do we feed our fears? Are we stifled by our fears? Or is our fear just our body's way of warning us? Call in and lets discuss. 347-326-9325

What's the difference between a career and a job? Should everyone go into business for themselves? Call in and lets discuss: 347-326-9325

In light of someone's friend getting married today, I thought it would make a great topic. What is the "T" on Weddings and Getting Married? Call in and let's talk about it: 347-326-9325
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