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Come And Pour The T With Me

Come and Pour the T with me!!


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My show will be about telling the truth. In all aspects of our lives, work, home, family, friends. I hope to give people the courage to speak out.

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Good Afternoon, I tell you there are somethings I just can't stop talking about. And Education is one of those things. So join me today as I vent about the state of Education in Detroit and around the country. Join me as I vent once again... more

As the seasons change, so do people's perspectives, lifestyles and choices. Join me today as I talk about all the things that are on my mind, plus any thing else that runs across my mind. Things I want to do, need to do, must do and stop... more

Hello Blogtalk listeners and fans,s Today I am discussing the importance of alleviating stress and other pressures in your life. I will also give a weekly wrap up and dicuss the many issues going on in my life and just life in general. I will... more

I am sick of being afraid to say how and what I feel because I fear people's responses. I'm tired of being afraid to open up and say exactly what I want and need and DESERVE because I live in a world that tells me, I'm not worthy of it.... more

Another weekly wrap up of my events, thoughts, stories and what is on my mind and what I'm thinking about. So much has gone on this week and I have so much to do now in my life, that one, I stay tired and two that's just the way my life... more

Whenever I witness the people around me, that I love making great changes in their lives or moving into the next phase of life, it makes me want to do the same. So I have a "Charlotte Plan" Also, going to spew my guts again about... more

Hello, Ladies and gents, tune in and let's talk about it all. Education, Relationships, Money, Sex, etc.. My range of information is limited to my experiences, but we can always get together and have a good old fashioned... more

As usual, I will wrap up what went on in my world this week. Work, family, friends, etc. I will also discuss women and their "behaviors" As well as discuss current news events. So please tune in today at 11am. Come and Pour the T with... more

Thanks to the millions who worked, died and fought in the struggle for guaranteed Labor Laws in each state, today we all have a day off, or most of us anyway. Let's discuss it. Happy Labor Day. Also, I am going to rant and rave about my... more

Now that I'm back at work, I can only do shows on weekends, with that being said, I have many things on my mind and several observations to make about things that have transpired this week and my opnions on it. Also, I will play a... more
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