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My show will be about telling the truth. In all aspects of our lives, work, home, family, friends. I hope to give people the courage to speak out.

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In the wake of all the current news and issues in the media, what is the fascination we have with blaming the victims for the violence and problems that are often visited upon them? Victim Blaming and Shaming?? What the hell... more

In the wake of the passing of Robin Williams, I thought I would have a discussion today about why we all get so emotionally invested in the lives of celebrities. And why it hurts so much when we lose them. Come and Pour the T with me... more

I live in the "Great Lakes" state and man is it beautiful to live here in the summer time. We took a day trip up north this weekend and it was so much fun. It definitely got me to thinking about the drastic differences in lives outside the "big... more

Good Evening, After 3 days in a pd session.I have several observations I would like to make. Come and Pour the T with me Today at 6pm. The call in number is: 347-633-9497 The Chat Room will also be open for anyone who would like to log... more

There are a so many great topics and because I have done a tone of shows, some of the topics, I will remix or update. With that being said, What is the "T" on Love? Do we use that word, too much, too little, too freely, too quickly? Love... more

In light of the "Get on Up" Bio pic, our topic today is about people who came first? What must it have been like to be the first to break any barrier? What was it like to grow and want to be something during a time period where we were... more

Topic Rewind: I tried hard to have this conversation yesterday but I had major techncal difficulties so I will try it again!! In light of several conversations and issues discussed in one of my Facebook Groups, I decided to tackle this topic?... more

This will be a remix of a previous topic, of course with new insights. I have spoken about differences in 20th century thinkers and 21st century thinkers. However, I would like to go a bit more in-depth today. What's it like to grow up in 2014?... more

Happy Tuesday Blogtalk Listeners, In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and so on, many people start grassroot campaigns and use "social media" to get the word out. While the use of social media, helped our... more

Happy Monday Everyone and Welcome to "Come and Pour the T with Me" Today's topic will be very broad. But in light of many things going on in my life, I have to ask the question, "When is it time to let it go?" When do you give up the... more
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