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My show will be about telling the truth. In all aspects of our lives, work, home, family, friends. I hope to give people the courage to speak out.

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Happy Tuesday Blogtalk Listeners, In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and so on, many people start grassroot campaigns and use "social media" to get the word out. While the use of social media, helped our... more

Happy Monday Everyone and Welcome to "Come and Pour the T with Me" Today's topic will be very broad. But in light of many things going on in my life, I have to ask the question, "When is it time to let it go?" When do you give up the... more

Yesterday I lost my "Will" That's right, my best friend got married. (I'm Grace and he's Will, therefore, lost my "Will" get it?? HaHa) He married an awesome woman and I am so happy for both of them However, his marriage has got me thinking... more

I tackled this topic last year and had some great conversations about it. So let's go there again. Gentrification, Part 2. The REMIX!! The New Detroit? Or is it just a way of running all the "minorities" out of the city? What's the update on the... more

What's on your "Bucket List?" What's stopping you from achieving it? We all have dreams, goals,desires that we are aching to accomplish, so let's talk abou it, what's on your "Bucket List" Come and Pour the T with me today at 12:30pm... more

I have tackled this topic in round about ways, speaking on gender roles, being a Black Woman and talking about my experiences with men. And while I am hesistant to discuss this topic, I will do it once and let it go. Is there a "war"... more

We have all said it many times. I'm too old for this or that. Or she's too old to act like that. Or he's too old to act like that, wear that, say that, watch that, use that, etc. How old is too old? How young it too young?? Let's examine the topic... more

Are women too nice? Are we too sweet? Do we fear others opinions too much? What's the T on being "too nice?" Come and Pour the T with me today at 4:30pm. The number to call in is: 347-633-9497

Which side of our brains serve us best? Right side: Logical? Left side: Emotional? Tune in today at 10am and we'll discuss. Come and Pour the T with me this morning. 347-633-9497

What is your relationship like with your mother? Should mothers and daughters be friends? How does having a positive self image aid in the raising of a wonderfully self aware daughter? Moms/Daughters call in and let's talk about it. Come and... more
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