Come and Pour the T with me!!

Come And Pour The T With Me

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My show will be about telling the truth. In all aspects of our lives, work, home, family, friends. I hope to give people the courage to speak out.

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Its officially 2014!! Happy New Year!! What are your resolutions?? What are your plans?? Or will it be more of the same?? Call in and Discuss. 347-326-9325

Are we all suffereing from PTSD and don't know it? Or not doing anything about it? What is PTSD you ask, well call in tonight and let's discuss. Call in and discuss 347-326-9325

You have heard many say, "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child" yes this maybe true but does that same village support the ADULTS in the same way?? Let's discuss!! Call in: 347-326-9325 Tonight at 6pm!!

Call in and discuss 347-326-9325

Hello Listerners, So I want to bring this subject back up because I don't think it was fully accepted or discussed last time around. Let's discuss the long term effects of poverty ON ALL OF US WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED IT OR ARE... more

We know them, we deal with them and we can't stand them!! How do you deal with fake people?? Call in and discuss: 347-326-9325

While we all understand that public figures expect a certain level of scrutiny, DO WE REALLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE SO HARSH? How do you feel about public verbal bashing of high profile people online and in the media? Call in and... more

Everyone does not get married. So, if you are out there and you want to talk about it, lets do. If you have never been married and never wanted to and you are over 50 now, call in and let's discuss. Growing older alone, GOOD OR BAD??... more

Do we all possess the ability to mentor others? Call in and discuss: 347-326-9325

We all say we want it, we pray for it, we ask for it, we crave and desire it. FRANKLY WE NEED IT. But many of us have to accept a life without real love from a partner. So what's the "T" on being open, ready, and receptive to... more
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