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A talk show that focuses on the keeping, breeding and current events of the world of morelia and other pythons of the world

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In this episode we will be talking about Blackheaded pythons. We will talking all about Jason's approach to keeping and breedng these awesome pythons

On this special episode of MPR we are joined by 3 kings of the morelia world. We are honered to be joined by Eugene Bessette from Ophiological Services and... more

We celebrate our 100th episode and we wanted to break out the big guns. So we will be talking with then Nick Mutton and Justin Julander. We will be discussing there newest book "The Complete Children's Python" This is a can't... more

In this episode we will be joined by Buddy Buscemi and Barry Manson and we will be talking about the upcoming ICAS- International Collective Arboreal Symposium. This is a must attend event for all of you morelia enthuisists. Check... more

We keep it going with another roundtable discussion as we are joined by Zach Baez from Darkside exotics and David Kelley from Kelley Herpetoculture. We discuss the politics of the reptile business and the ongoing debate over AI vs.MI.

On this episode of Morelia python radio we have the round table discussion. Eric and Owen are joined by Zach Baez from Darkside exotics and David Kelly from Kelly Herpetoculture. We will be discussing all types of topics related to python... more

Steve Sharp is the last member of the Australian Addcition team to join us in the show. He works with all of the four legged species at AAR south. We will be talking about all about australian monitors, knob tails, and skinks.

We are pleased to be joined by Todd Dyer from Psycothic Exotics. They have some of the most cutting edge carpet projects around and we will be talkng all about them.

Jordan is owner of California Breeders Union. He works with some cool species and were going to break it down. He has also set up Model Herpetoculturist program. MHP has coupled with a diagnostics laboratory and offer mail in... more

Well the 2nd annual NE Carpet fest was a success. We will give you a run down of a great weekend of hanging with the Morelia community.