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Morelia pythons radio


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A talk show that focuses on the keeping, breeding and current events of the world of morelia.

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Last weeks show was cut short because of a technical problem but fear not Daivd will be back in this episode to talk more about his chondros and how he takes such great photos.
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We are talking chondros tonight with Rico Walder from Signal Herptoculture Rico has some of the nicest chondros out there and we are looking forward to talking about everything that he has going on.

David Means is coming on for some morelia minutes. He is talking about the proporsed Exotic Animal ban in VA. He is asking for some help so he and all the other keepers in VA don't lose the rights to keep there animals

Terry is a force to be reckoned with in the reptile business. He works professionally as the Curator of Reptiles at Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, South Dakota , where my primary interests... more

Tonight we have a special guest Blake Bauer from Python central coming for a round 2 on scrubs! Everything and anything about the scrub complex.

Luke comes and joins us for some morelia talk to hold us over through the holiday break.

Tonight one of the greatest selective breeders in the business is coming on to talk about his collection and what he has going on over at Python in a pear tree.

Tonight get your light side fix with Head hunter reptiles. We are talking Jungles, Jungles and Jungles. HH has some of the best jungles in the states join us as we talk to Chris about some selective breeding talk.... more

Tonight we have David Means coming on for another round of scrub talk. We are going to break it down and figure out the tricks to keeping these beautiful morelia in captivity.

Special episode Tonight we have a special guest Blake Bauer and he is coming on to talk scrubs! Everything and anything about the scrub complex. This is part 1 of our 2 part series on scrub pythons!

If you like the color yellow then look no further. Mo has some of the nicest jungles, jungle jags and dj jags around. Tune in to hear what is going on over there at Mojo reptiles.