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A talk show that focuses on the keeping, breeding and current events of the world of morelia.

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In this episode we are joined by Kimberly Burge from Southern Chondros. Kimberly Burge has been an avid animal lover since her earliest memories of childhood. Her passion for reptiles, specifically... more
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Last weeks show was cut short because of a technical problem but fear not Daivd will be back in this episode to talk more about his chondros and how he takes such great photos.

In this episode of Morelia Python Radio we are joined by David Newman of Moreliaddiction. We will be discussing a variety of chondro topics. Everything from keeping to breeding and the current... more

In this episode we will be discussing everything you will need to know in setting up your reptile business

In this episode we are joined by Chris Salemi. He works with big cats by day in the Bronx zoo and reptiles by night, We will be talking to Chris about his approach to keeping and breeding his collection.

In this episode we are joined by Michael Bourke and we are talking about carpet pythons. He is starting up a breeding business in Sydney. He is focusing on refining his lines. His knowledge on Carpets is insane he researchs everyday... more

In this episdoe we are joined by Erick will be breaking down his coastal projects and epicrates. His coastals are second to none and we will be talking all about his future projects. We will also hit on his other passion the west indian boas.... more

In this episode we are joined by an Australian up and comer, Nathan Troy. He runs Spellbinding Serpents. We will be talking capets and it always a blast talking to the Aussies about carpets. Check out Nathan's FB page.... more

In this episode were kicking off our month of up and coming breeders and keepers. Were kicking things off with Zach Baez from Darkside Exotics. Zach is focusing on irian jaya carpets, chondros and blue tongue skinks. We will be... more

In this episode we are joined by the hosts of Corallus Radio. We will be hitting on a variety of topics and hitting them round table style. Join us along with Jeff Godbold and Dayton... more

Were talking chondros in this episode of MPR. We are joined by Kris Wolf from Rising Sun Arboreals. We will talk about his approach to keeping and breeding chondros.