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Moorish Kemetic Society Inc is a Nuwaupian based organzation that focuses on knowledge of self and rebuilding the Nubian nation through right knowlege.

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Final part ot the Shamnism Series focusing on the Hermetic Principles

Listen as the Supreme Minister Breaks down who Machiavelli really was and what he really did.

Listen to the lecture given by the Supreme Minister breakdown how Obama has created a cult following. .

Are you aware of the events happening around the world listen in and discover news you dont know

Supreme Minister C. Mays-El is breaking down and decoding the undertones of Obama speeches.

Listen to the Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z. York as he teaches on where is your faith

part six of the seven series of Sceienc of Shamanism and DNA

Supreme Minister C. May-El will bring to light all the hidden technology the government is keeping under wraps in thier black opts projects.

Supreme Minister C. Mays El is telling the untold story of how America is falling to her knees graveling infront of China

Supreme Minister C. Mays El is explaining the origins of the original drug dealer