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Motivational Speaking/ Mental, Game, & Life Coach. A true understanding of the mental, the physical, & Spirit.

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In this episode we will be debating who should win NBA League MVP. Should it be Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Steph Curry, or LeBron James? We'll discuss, but we want to hear your opinions so be sure to call us up.

LIVE 7PM On this special Interview edition of Moore To Life Radio. I interview wrestler Ken Dixon. Residing in Maryland, Ken is one of the best performers in the business today. We will discuss his wrestling career, his background, likes... more

In this episode we will speak about relationships. Back then people had hopes of getting married and having kids, but today it seems like serious relationships are hard to come by, so have relationships become obsolete? We'll discuss and... more

On this special Interview Edition 4/8/15 AT 7PM EASTERN Of Moore To Life Radio. Antoine "Monteasy" Moore-Lewis returns as the host of Moore To Life Radio! After a long hiatus he is back and interviewing his friend Wrestler L.I.... more

In today's society we look up to public figures whether it's singers, or athletes. But what if they do something outside of their profession that's look upon as bad, should they be judged for it? Tune in. We will love to hear ya'll thoughts.

In this episode we will be speaking on the music industry. Most fans of today's music of complaints on the lack of music that is being heard on the radio, or when they turn to a music station on Telvision. So Is The Artist? Or is it the Music... more

In This episode, we will be speaking on Social Media. Some people go on social media to do different things whether it's for entertainment, talk to friends, or network. But does social media make people feel more important, or entittled?... more

In this episode we will be talking about free agency 2015. We will touch on the winners, and losers of free agency. Who loss the most?. Who won the most? We will be speaking about it.

WEDNESDAY 11PM! On this special interview edition of Moore To Life Radio, We interview Up & Coming R&B Sensation Dub OnMyGrind. Hailing out of St.Petersburg, Florida. He is one of the best artist to debut in a long time!... more