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Women of A Certain Age is a show hosted by Cynthia Johnston founder and herbalist at MoonMaid Botanicals, in Cosby, Tennessee.. This podcast intends to offer ideas, solutions, support, encouragement for women of all ages who are experiencing the "shifts" in life. As our environment changes, our bodies change. I will offer tools helpful for these changes.

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Hysterectomy, removing the uterus, and sometimes the ovaries happen far too often. Join my guest Dr. Tirso del Junco, Jr . as we discuss his unique approach to saving the uterus. His alternative surgery is fascinating even with the worst cases of fibroids, cysts and endometriosis.In practice for 17 years, performing over 1000 surgeries, I think this approach is fascinating. Dr. del Junco, Jr. explains why it is important to keep the uterus when possible, clearly explains how his surgery is perfomed and discusses other important lifestyle choices. Find out more about Dr. del Junco, Jr @ His facility in Los Angeles is a great resource for information!! Get his video Hysterectomy Myths. This video and his site have a lot of invaluable information. Find out more about MoonMaid Botanicals' herbal alternatives to commonly prescribed prescriptions for menopause symptoms @
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Join Cynthia and Stephanie as they discuss EFT, Emotion Freedom Technique or Tapping. Stephanie Houston is a transformational life coach who uses this tool as a way to gently coax women to clarify and achieve positive change in their... more

Lisa Schermerhorn is a successful Personal Development Coach, Reiki master, certified hypnotist, and EFT practioner. She specializes in past life regression and Life in Between Lives Regression. She studied with internationally... more

My guest Colet Lahoz is an expert on Candida and how to manage, treat and deal with this very common condition. She is founder of the East West Acupuncture Clinics located in White Bear Lake, MN and author of "Conquering... more

Elizabeth Early Sheehan, Consulting Hypnotist and HypnoCoach, guides her clients with hypnosis techniques into a "natural yet heightened state of consciousness? that allows her to bypass the critical factor of the conscious... more

Getting adequate sleep is a one of the number one challenges facing women as they enter menopause. Up until now, I have had little trouble, recently it has become an "issue." In this brief chat, I will discuss how I am dealing with this... more

Addiction to "anything" can be an issue that dogs us our entire life but can suddenly become Huge as we enter menopause. Where to turn, what to do. I hope to offer some tips for finding your path to "recovery."... more

Join Cynthia and Iyengar yoga instructor Leslie Howard as they discuss "Pelvic Floor Health." A weak core can lead to many problems for women as they age like prolapsed uterus, bladder weakness, hip and back pain and... more

This evenings topic....Dryness.....Yes...there. Or down there, or whatever you want to call it. I receive far more calls about this issue than any other. Vulvadynia, vaginosis, atrophy, itching, soreness, are all complaints I hear over and over... more
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