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Stand Up NY Labs presents Moonlighting, the hilarious podcast featuring Sam Morril and the incorrigible Joe Machi hanging out with their funniest and most interesting friends.

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Joe talks about how he fights anxiety (switching to decaf for one). We talk the links between Facebook/time wasting and depression… We talk about how none of us care for horror movies (we give ‘em a good roasting), and how Anthony... more

We talk the craziest things Sal Vulcano has done on his hit TV show “Impractical Jokers,” including completely tanking in front of Imagine Dragon in front of 14,000 people, going through a haunted corn maze, getting put in the trunk of a car,... more

The system went down and we lost 30 minutes of the podcast so Jimmy and Jon were good enough sports to hang, re-record and then some. We discuss how to deal with hecklers, the worst kind of hecklers, and some bad heckle... more

This week Rachel Feinstein and Dave Juskow are in the studio! Dave shows up with a very thoughtful gift for Sam’s birthday, and tells some of his degenerate gambling stories. He also talks about using his dad’s death to try to pick up... more

We talk the VMAs, comedy awards, and more…Sam tells a weird story about an awkward ballbusting with Carlos Mencia. Joe tells a story about how he got Jim Carrey, Mike Tyson and George Lucas’ phone number. We also have a long... more

Sam thanks Paul for saving him in Myrtle Beach. Paul tells us about when he had to quit drinking and how it saved his career (it involves a 2 day stint in jail, and the time he insisted on ordering a male prostitute even though he’s not gay). We... more