TONIGHT MY GUEST      KEN KOENIG . Singer / Songwriter

Ken Koenig, reminiscent of the singer/songwriters of the 60s and 70s, has a great voice and creates energy in his songwriting. He coins his music as “Middle-of-the-Road; music for all ears.” Ken’s many influences have made him a versatile, tasteful and well-received musician. Born just after the Summer of Love in 1968, Ken comes from Brooklyn, N.Y. As far back as he can remember, he has been surrounded by various musical sounds.

Beginning with doo-wop that played on the corner in his family’s’ Wycoff, N.Y. apartment, Ken grew up with his teenage sisters’ array of records from The Grateful Dead to Janis Joplin. His older brothers listened to R & B greats like “Angel Baby” and “I’m Your Puppet.” Then his own ear picked up every sound in between. As a child, Ken collected 45 rpm records and would sing to his favorites, The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Ken started to learn guitar at the age of 13 and over the years, he crafted his own songs.

Ken has grown into a fabulous singer/songwriter and guitarist. He has created two CDs of his own and is working on a third. His compilations include sounds extracted from differing styles such as rock, folk, blues, country, bluegrass and even a little jazz. In addition to playing many venues, Ken has had airplay on the radio, television appearances and high rankings in contests to open for renown artists. His smooth sound is a delightful listening experience. Rembember to buy their CDs. and mp3's