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Hello Everyone, Hope life is treating you well. We are in a tremendous state of transition and breakthrough right now. Letting go of the old and taking enormous chances in order to create the life we've always dreamed of. KEEP WALKING... and ask your angels and God for their continued guidance. Most of us are feeling very vulnerable. The Powers that Be are trying to get our attention and see how much faith we truly have. We are cleansing all past karma, we simply have no choice. Honestly, there isn’t much for us to do with respect to this issue. Whoever, I might warn that you may physically feel this happen. I call this “THE SHEDDING” If you do feel the peeling away of layers, just say, “Take it”. This year is about rebirth and we are in the infant stages. If you are not paying attention, you might get knocked around a little, so pay very close attention to your every move right now. If you are paying attention and still can't see the clearing between the trees, just surrender. Surrender and know that it is an illusion and continue to focus on what you want your life to look like but move with caution. Many of you are actually starting to have visions of your NEW life and it seems so real. Guess what, IT IS. Many of you are considering going back to school or have already started this process. But most of us are in the process of reinventing ourselves one last time. Regardless, I suggest moving forward with a very well thought out plan. This is definitely a time to PAY ATTENTION. Pay attention to your intuition and be true to self. If a situation needs to be dealt with, deal with it. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH or ask spirit or your angels to speak through you if needed, THEY WILL. If the situation calls for you to step back for a time, DO IT. If you need assistance on the best way to handle any situation, call me. The worst should be over for this year, AT LEAST FOR MOST OF YOU. If you have been paying attention, continuing to heal self and doing your God work,--------
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