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Stay in the know about new episodes and updates. TWO MINDS. ONE WORLD. ZERO PATIENCE. PRETTY MUCH THE FRED AND BARNEY OF PODCASTING. Marc Raco & co-host John Locke (along with producer Elsie) discuss what's wrong with the world, interview celebrities and rising artists, and throw around pop culture, entertainment, food, news--everything's on the menu! Check out our animated series on the website!

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Episode 164 ?Burnt Toast and Fabric Testers? John is a human sanding machine, Marc shares a story of burnt toast, grilling and fire trucks, the laziness of littering, the Old Man stops by for an opinion on proper clothing choices for... more

Episode 163 ?What's the Deal?? The Trekkies want to kill John because of his red shirt! A visit to John's world reveals John's small deck, a lackluster trip to Ireland starts with a wacky navigation problem, Marc inaugurates The Royal... more

Episode 162 ?The Karmic Credit Plan? Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes, celebrity deaths, Robin William's first film, John visits Cape Cod with whale watching, The Pancake Man, beach squatting and the Weeble lady, Ice Water... more

Episode 161 John is tiny. Then he's huge. The hosts cover cooking styles, how to make the ideal hamburger, real life regrets and the origins of cottage cheese. Plus a round of the always entertaining improv game ?Audible? leads to a... more

Episode 160 ?No Service? In this Elsie-less episode John deals with three steaks and a widow next door with dementia. Marc regales a tale of drinks with former co-host Ben riddled with customer service fiascoes. They cover restaurant... more

Episode 159 ?Get Off My Millennium Falcon!? John time travels in a clown car, Marc reviews ?Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? and ?Heathers: The Musical?, and an unexpected voicemail dredges up memories of a catastrophic blind... more

Episode 158 BONUS SHOW "Audible" In this compact episode, Marc and Elsie are on the beach during a road trip for the July 4th weekend. They cover the Opie and Anthony Radio Show Twitter and firing scandal, Elsie's bikini, they do... more

Episode 157 ?Edvin Is the New Boy – Part 2″ A confusion leads to training for parallel parking using gymnastics equipment. World Cup indifference leads to plans to spice up sporting events (hint: paintball guns, tazers and... more

Episode 156 ?Edvin is the New Boy – Part 1″ John's back and juggling cats, and we talk death, unexpected life changes, the impact of social media on tragedy, and insufficiently answered emails. A classic improv game... more

Episode 155 ?Walkin' With Christopher? As seventeen year old actor and podcast host Christopher Walen fills in for John on his first NYC visit, we explore favorite foods, Shakespeare, the joy and gamble of acting, impressions, Mickey Mouse,... more
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