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Stay in the know about new episodes and updates. TWO MINDS. ONE WORLD. ZERO PATIENCE. Marc Raco & co-host John Locke (along with producer Elsie) discuss what's wrong with the world, interview celebrities and rising artists, and throw around pop culture, entertainment, food, news--everything's on the menu! Check out our animated series on the website!

On-Demand Episodes

Episode 143 "Hope - Part 1" John is crotchety, the duo talk Russia and the End of the World, a new phonetic alphabet for the masses, social media manners, new segments of "Advice From a Man Nearly 100 Years Old" and "Stories from New... more

Episode 142 "Get Down!" Marc and John explore telemarketing scam artists, podcasting posers, Walter White as LBJ, profiting from the Olympics, prison movie hotties and put Schwarzenegger in ice cream and the jungle with an amazing... more

Episode 141 "The Awkward Beehive Show" It's a very awkward but funny show! Old time radio, animal abuse, improper segues, beehives and and drunk cats. Plus bringing back the fun improvisational game "FInish My Sentence" conjures... more

Episode 140 "Alfa Bits" John's been shot, and Marc and John talk phone signatures, reply-times for emails, food allergies and Marc's new guilty pleasure ?Adventures in Jedi School?. Columbo in the classroom, Julia Child on the... more

Episode 139 "Clown Murder and Coma Jello" Wow---what a show!!! Marc and John dive into John's World, some odd advice from a real New Yorker, the determination of cats to infect and murder us, stories of horrible service at... more

Episode 138 "Divas" Marc and John return to the feature "Advice From a Man Nearly 100 Years Old" , play the classic and hilarious improvisational game "Audible", discuss an update on Marc's subway fiasco, and much more! Plus a... more

Episode 137 "Rock N Roll Woman" Our second official show on the RELM Network, Marc and John talk about factories where cats are employees, fast-food slapping, ruling the world, discovering smashed cars, allegations of freight fraud,... more

Episode 136 "Snow School" We hurtle into the new year with our first official episode on The RELM Network! Marc and John endure frosting, share stories of arctic cold, flight delays, Donnie Wahlberg, acting for network TV, and play a... more

Episode 135 "The Best of 2013" In our ninety-minute 36th episode, Marc and John look back at special moments from the last year and celebrate what lies ahead in the next year! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll throw up in your mouth a... more

Episode 134 "The Color of Wine" SPECIAL THANKSGIVING EPISODE A blockbuster episode! Thanksgiving is a time for family and for feasting! Marc and John are on location at Wineworx in Rochester, NY, where Marc's father and his... more
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