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Stay in the know about new episodes and updates. TWO MINDS. ONE WORLD. ZERO PATIENCE. Marc Raco & co-host John Locke (along with producer Elsie) discuss what's wrong with the world, interview celebrities and rising artists, and throw around pop culture, entertainment, food, news--everything's on the menu! Check out our animated series on the website!

On-Demand Episodes

Episode 184 ?The Fartist? Marc calls the show's help desk representative and also gives their first shout out, treadmill fart accusations, Marc is offended when John calls Marc fat, John's auto repair woes transform from a fleeting... more

Episode 183 ?Bill Gates, The Pope and Neil Patrick Harris Walk Into a Bar…? John hasn't showered and has flies. Marc and John complain about things that annoy them, the mysterious disappearance of the show from iTunes,... more

Episode 182 ?String Cheese of the Rich and Famous? Marc is a robot and John wears a threatening apron. Marc shares unusual manners and goldfish dangers in Target, smashing into people, his girlfriend's magical elixir, the top five (or four)... more

Episode 181 ?Peking Duck? John starts the first show of 2015 out as a hologram. An announcement of a new ?Shout Out? challenge, why Marc doesn't believe in New Year's Resolutions and the end of Marc's daily lucky penny. The duo... more

Episode 180 "Wax Your Cadillac" Marc is old, John is young, as we remember 2014 and welcome 2015! The duo look back at the biggest stories of their lives in 2014 and discuss getting and giving Christmas gifts, dealing with... more

Episode 179 ?Christmas Spectacular 2014? John is covered in mistletoe and presents the top three strangest Christmas songs. Marc and John discuss the science and politics of ?bro-hugs?, and celebrate the holidays with a look at... more

Episode 178 ?Pepperoni Pants? John has PP Pants, and a visit to John's World reveals a noisy, senile cat and a control room open-mic embarrassment. Noisy theatergoers, hating exercise, Tina Fey's improv rules, and a round of the... more

Episode 177 ?Exact Frame? A Christmas Leprechaun, a tandem movie review of a Pacino film, Pacino VS Ignatowski, an unsatisfying police report, pizza, Bibimbap and foods you would eat every day of your life, an evil and bitchy Dr.... more

Episode 176 ?Educated People? An incredibly full show! Alfred Hitchcock vs James Mason, a problem with iTunes, the dangers of using work computers for personal use, a call to get off of Facebook, the profane school bus, accidentally... more
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