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Stay in the know about new episodes and updates. TWO MINDS. ONE WORLD. ZERO PATIENCE. PRETTY MUCH THE FRED AND BARNEY OF PODCASTING. Marc Raco & co-host John Locke (along with producer Elsie) discuss what's wrong with the world, interview celebrities and rising artists, and throw around pop culture, entertainment, food, news--everything's on the menu! Check out our animated series on the website!

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Episode 192 ?Obviously!? With special guest Jessica Delfino John is a blimp and has a secret podcast, an update on the evil subway conductor, sponsored shrink-wrapped subway cars, another poop sign, John is almost hit by a car, a... more

Episode 191 ?The Unexpected Game Show? John has become paparazzi stalking Prince William & Kate Middleton, following them to India & of butt tattoos. Without an agenda for the show Marc & John decide to play several improv comedy... more

Episode 190 ?If Cortney Was In Charge of the World? Special 2-Hour Episode with Cortney Hendrix from ?Married At First Sight: The First Year? John is Hulk Hogan for reasons you wouldn't expect. A visit to John's World reveals shoelace... more

Episode 189 ?Improv, Egg Salad and Private Jets? Special 2-Hour Episode with guest Laura Hall John is Marilyn Monroe, it's the Month of Women, an unusual lullaby, the Old Man doesn't believe in Birdman and he reflects on the Academy... more

“Monkey Radio with Marc” podcast Episode 188 “Guppy Tank: The Girl with the Dragon Shaped Camel Toe” John is a low budget left handed shark, a shout out error, sound problems were everywhere, Marc risks frostbite,... more

Episode 187 ?Star Trek Password? John has a laser gun, Marc and John speak in slow-motion, a noise complaint and the full audio from their appearance at Rocpodfest II, a shout out, the Dunkin Donuts mistake in Marc's favor, reviews of... more

Episode 186 Hookahs vs Hookers John is caught smoking a hookah, Marc and John hate Kim Kardashian, Marc is waddling like a penguin due to foot problems, Marc bakes cookies, Brucealuceanate, a cake fail, a shout to a friend of... more

Episode 185 ?The Big Game Game? John is The Penguin, Marc and John give twin shout outs and cover their bets in advance on the Superbowl winner, Marc's cold results in research into scary bacteria and yeasts, there is hope for the... more

Episode 184 ?The Fartist? Marc calls the show's help desk representative and also gives their first shout out, treadmill fart accusations, Marc is offended when John calls Marc fat, John's auto repair woes transform from a fleeting... more
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