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Stay in the know about new episodes and updates. TWO MINDS. ONE WORLD. ZERO PATIENCE. Marc Raco & co-host John Locke (along with producer Elsie) discuss what's wrong with the world, interview celebrities and rising artists, and throw around pop culture, entertainment, food, news--everything's on the menu! Check out our animated series on the website!

On-Demand Episodes

Episode 176 ?Educated People? An incredibly full show! Alfred Hitchcock vs James Mason, a problem with iTunes, the dangers of using work computers for personal use, a call to get off of Facebook, the profane school bus, accidentally... more

Episode 175 ?Cookie Wipes? John is still bound and gagged, and we take an unsatisfying stop into John's World. The Old Man stops by to complain about Dollar Stores, music-less Music Television and more, and a new improv game... more

Episode 174 ?Vice President Miley Cyrus? John is dressed like Boris Karloff for a happy ending and shares the three worst things to put on a credit card! Marc gets serious and shares a heartfelt, gripping story of being recently and violently... more

Episode 173 "Doll Face" John sands his toenails with a power drill in a hazmat suit, a list of sex toys turned everyday objects, holiday get-togethers are complicated, a movie review assignment, a round of the hilarious improv game... more

Episode 172 ?Pee Wee Gilligan? John is dressed as an Ewok so he can wash his car with a hint of cinnamon, an update on Chester the untouchable homeless cat, John's World explores extreme couponing, Marc's Fred Flinstone-like BBQ Ribs,... more

Episode 171 ?Craptastic? John juggles weapons while playing Words with Friends and delivers a movie review of ?Time After Time?. Marc reveals an unfortunate surprise homeless guest, the duo discusses how they'll spend imaginary $425... more

Episode 170 "Trek or Treat" John is dressed as Homer Simpson, and the duo talk credit card fiascoes, an American hero, an alternate Star trek intro, and a new improv game "Trek or Treat" explores the Australian Outback and Khan's... more

Episode 169 "Two Years And Counting" The 70th episode celebrates the show's two year anniversary with a look back at some of the Top 20 moments from the last year, including games, guests, food, memories, inventions and more.

Episode 168 ?Beach Bitch? John is energized by many batteries on his body and Marc reviews his birthday trip to Puerto Rico with stories of the Beach Bitch, the Joe Pesci flight attendant and the best mojito ever. John reviews the film ?Dirty... more
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