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Chris Miles, the Cash Flow Expert and THE financial advocate for entrepreneurs. Learn how to save (w/o living off rice & beans) and make more money in biz.

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HOW MANY TIMES are we going to hear about ANOTHER new year's subject to make next year better than this year? Do we really want to hear another "New Year New You" topic again? How much more will we hear "Let's make next year better?" Blah!!! Can I be direct? Didn't you (and everyone else) say the same thing last year? How did it turn out? Better than expected? Worse? Maybe you actually achieved EVERYTHING you wanted. On this podcast, I'll share how to achieve your goals faster and stop making excuses for one more year. Chris Miles Bio: Chris Miles, the "Cash Flow Expert," is a leading authority showing entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth TODAY spending time doing what they love most! He has been featured in US News, CNN Money,, interviewed internationally on TV & radio, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples ( getting his clients fast, life-altering financial results.
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