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This radio program capitalizes on the hosts vast and diverse experience and knowledge to inform and educate the public on a wide array of issues related to personal finance, such asset building, retirement planning, investments, etc. In addition, the radio personalities address current issues, including the economy, financial marketplace, credit unions, and personal money matters in general. Sponsored by the Cornerstone Credit Union League, Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation and Consumer Credit Counseling Service, the show seeks listener interaction, either through dial-in or chat.

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Potpourri is used inside the home to give the air a pleasant smell. The word "potpourri" comes from the French word "pot-pourri." Literally, however, the word "pot" in French has the same meaning as it does in Spanish and English, while... more

Many countries have Independence Days, a time marked by separation from some ruling authority. In The United States of America, it is July 4th, when the colonists declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Today, July... more

Replay of our episode Can't get ahead financially? Do unexpected repairs or events compromise your financial stability? This month, Your Money Your Matters focuses on achieving greater financial security. The hosts will discuss everything... more

Replay of our popular April 28th episode on Workers Memorial Day. It is a day set aside to remember workers killed in incidents at work, or by diseases, disabilities or injuries caused by work. All too often we fail to plan for the aftermath of an... more

1880 – Salvation Army forms in London 1884 – First Rollercoaster is operated at Coney Island, NY 1893 – Cracker Jack is invented 1903 – Ford Motor Company and Pepsi Cola Incorporate 1933 –... more

National Donald Duck Day is celebrated annually on June 9th and is the birthday of this cartoon character, Donald Duck. Donald made his first screen debut on June 9, 1934 in ?The Wise Little Hen.? Donald Duck is most famous for his... more

Today we celebrate National Rocky Road Day. In the early 1900s it was a soft dessert made from chocolate, marshmallows and nuts. In the United States, the most popular way to eat Rocky Road is in ice cream. Although there are many... more

Memorial Day, a United States Federal holiday, is observed each year on the last Monday in May. This day is in honor and remembrance of all men and woman who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Originating... more

Tomorrow is National Be a Millionaire Day, celebrated each year on May 20. This is a day for everyone to think what it would be like to be a millionaire and then use those thoughts to start making a plan for your future. Here are a few... more

Each year on May 12, a food holiday is celebrated: National Nutty Fudge Day. In 1886, a letter was found, written by Emelyn Bettersby Hartridge, a student at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, referring to ?fudge? that her cousin... more