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  • Avoid Single Mom Burnout Tip #2- Don’t Bad Mouth The Father of Your Children

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    There is no faster way to fall into a rabbit hole of negativity and burnout than constantly complaining or bad mouthing your children’s father. If you’re constantly angry or harboring bitterness you are keeping yourself stuck in a no win situation. Emotions run high in divorce and separation. There is anger, hurt, bitterness, sadness, resentment so it is no wonder you two aren't one another's favorite person. But, if you feed into it negatively you only hurt yourself and eventually your kids. We're going to discuss why it is healthier to focus on healing and some practical ways to this can happen. 
    Check out my post on Tip#2


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     PRAISE THE LORD, FOR HE HAS DONE GREAT THINGS FOR US. Bible Storyland invites you to join us Saturday March 7, at 9AM. We will be honoring our senior citizens on SENIOR CITIZENS DAY. Psalms 71: 17-18 reminds us O God, you have taught us ever since we were young and I still talk about the miracles you have done. Even when I am old and grey, do not abandon me, O God, Let me tell the people of this age what Your strength has accomplished, to tell about your power to all who will come. Tell your family and friends to come on and lets all praise the Lord together for all the signs wonders and miracles He is doing for us on a daily basis. God loves His people and He continues to hear and answer our prayers. Call on Him and He will answer. Believe He hears your prayers as well as your inner cries. We look forward to hearing from you. God bless and keep you in His care under the shadow of His almighty wings. 

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    A+ Schools Offers Tips on Parental Engagement

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    As a parent, you are your child’s greatest educational resource. Essentially, you are your child’s first teacher. As a former elementary school educator, I can tell you that NOTHING is more detrimental to your child’s learning than tension between you and your child’s teacher. The home-school connection must be strong with all parties working towards the same goal – the educational success of the child.
    A+ Schools is the community advocate and leader for educational equity and excellence in Pittsburgh’s Public Schools. Its core purpose and focus is to remove any barriers to equity in our schools. A+ Schools is dedicated to educating the public, increasing awareness and engaging the community in efforts to advance change.
    Join me as I speak with A+ Schools community organizer, Amie Matson, about the home-school connection and how parents and teachers can work together to ensure academic success for their children.

  • March Comes In Like A Lion

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    Were about to see incredible changes in our country & world. A huge part of it is that "what was hidden, will be revealed" like the Bible says. How do you get your family ready mentally & spiritually for these changes? Special guest TBA
    This month we will go to an extended broadcast.

  • Meditation for Moms: Health, Abundant Life, Spirituality with Marie Georgopulos

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    Is motherhood stressing you out? Are you feeling unappreciated, frustrated and tired most of the time? Would you like to find inner peace?
    Meditation is acquainting our body and mind with Spirit. This leads to a calmer you. When our mind is peaceful, free from worries and mental discomfort, you will experience true happiness.
    Join Marie Georgopulos, Intuitive Counselor, Healer and Spiritual Mentor, as she teaches you the art of transformational meditation to restore balance and harmony in life through spiritual practice. In this meditation journey, you will learn to embrace self acceptance, self worth and self love by releasing limiting beliefs around what it means to be a woman and mother in today’s society.  
    Meditation for Moms airs every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, 10-11 A.M. CT US. To find out more about how to assist Marie in creating this worldwide consciousness movement, please go to: Meditation for Moms.

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